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Saudi Arabia 50 Watt Integrated Solar Street Road Lighting Project

Project Name: Saudi Arabia 50 Watt Integrated Solar Street Road Lighting Project
Date: April, 2018
Project Type: All In One Solar Street Light Road Project
Project Site: Saudi Arabia
Quantity and specific configuration: 225units 50W AN-ISSL-M2 Integrated Solar Street Road Light with 6m pole set

Anern AN-ISSL-M2 50 watt solar led street lights were installed on a 6m wide and 6m high street in Saudi Arabia to supply power to the street without lighting at night. On the street light, there were only some small landscape lamps that emitted a faint light, which made the people living nearby and passersby feel very inconvenient and unsafe. AN-ISSL-M2 series solar street lights are equipped with a motion sensor, 100% brightness lighting when someone passes by and turned into energy saving mode when there is nobody, in order to maximize energy saving. 

After these 50-watt solar street lights were installed, they solved the lighting problem in the street well. Up to now, these integrated 50-watt solar led street lights have been installed for 4 years and still working well without any replacement. Clients are satisfied with their high quality. Contact us for Anern solar street light price now!

50 Watt Solar Led Street Light 50 Watt Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light 50 Watt

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