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What kind of product customization can we provide?

Since its establishment, Anern has been committed to the R&D, production, and sales of personalized solar systems. We have our own team of professional engineers and can provide professional opinions and solutions for different projects.

Products that can be customized include the following:

Solar lighting:

Main road lighting scheme design

Park road lighting design plan

The project tender requires customized solar panels and battery parameters

Regarding solar lighting products, if necessary, we have professional technicians who can provide DIALux analog lighting, which can more intuitively see the lighting effect after the lamps are installed on the road, and make your plan more convincing.

The Sun can generate system:

Hotel power generation system scheme design

Plant power generation system scheme design

Scheme design of farm power generation system

Scheme design of villa power generation system

We can provide suitable solar power systems according to your own electrical load type, total power, daily power consumption, product location, project budget, etc. You can choose whether to let all the electricity be provided by the solar power system or to let the custom solar system be responsible for only part of the electricity.

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