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  • The Product Structure and Application Fields of Panel LED Lamp
    Sep 22,2021
    In recent years, the panel LED lamp has slowly moved towards schools and various indoor lighting places. Today, we will have an in-depth understanding of the panel lamp LED.It has been predicted that ...
  • Product Classification and Advantages of Panel LED Lights
    Sep 15,2021
    1. Product classification of the panel LED lampThe panel lamp LED has the straight down-emitting type and side-emitting type.The side-emitting panel lamp has the advantages of lightweight, thin body, ...
  • Important Things About the Panel Lamp LED
    Sep 08,2021
    Technological innovation and economic development are imperceptibly changing our lives. Today we are going to introduce the LED panel light. The LED panel light uses a unique SMD patch as the light so...
  • Four Installation Methods of The LED Panel Light
    Sep 01,2021
    The LED panel light is a trendy, fashionable, energy-saving and popular indoor lighting lamp. The LED light source has a good lighting effect and good illumination uniformity. And it has a soft, comfo...
  • What Are The Main Components of LED Panel Light?
    Aug 23,2021
    1. Aluminum frame of LED panel lightIt is the main channel for the LED to dissipate heat and it has a simple and generous appearance. It uses open die stamping at a low price and the processing cost i...
  • Key Performance Parameters of The LED Panel Light
    Aug 16,2021
    1. Light performance of the LED panel lightThe optical performance of the LED panel light is mainly related to the performance requirements of luminosity, spectrum and chromaticity.According to the la...
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