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LED Tube Light

LED Tube Light

LED light tube is designed based on the traditional fluorescent lamps, but functioning as an alternative to the fluorescent tube. The installation way of Anern's LED tube lamp is the same as a fluorescent lamp, but it uses the led chip as the light source. The life span of our LED tube light lamp could be more than 50,000 hours. The LED tube built-in constant current driver with power supply voltage is AC85V-265V (AC). No need for starter and electronic ballast, start quickly, small power, No flicker, with soft light to protect your eyes. In a word, Anerm's LED tube design is energy-saving and environmental protection. If you are interested in led tube wholesale, please contact us. As a professional LED tube light company/supplier, Anern can offer you a high-quality LED light Tube at economical prices.

Advantages of Anern Wholesale LED Tube Light

Advantages of Anern Wholesale LED Tube Light

  • Compared with traditional fluorescent tubes, with same brightness lighting,the led tube lamp can save energy more 50% than traditional fluorescent lights.

  • Much higher brightness with the same power, the brightness is more than doubled, brighter than 99% T8 LED tubes on the market.

  • No need for starter and electronic ballast, it is simple and quick to replace traditional fluorescent tube with Anern's LED tube light.

  • The aluminum housing can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem, and extend the service life span and luminous efficiency.

LED Tube Light Video

How To Install LED Tube Light?

  • To avoid electric shock, maintenance and installation of the LED tube lamp should only be carried out by a professional electrician

  • Please use the LED light tube under the correct input power range

  • Do not use in the outdoor environment

  • Before installation, turn off the power to make sure safety

  • Please follow the diagram below to install correctly

How to Install LED Tube Light

How To Change Led Tube Light?

  • Inductive Fixture(Magnetic Ballast)

Way1: Turn off the power, remove the fluorescent tube, remove the fluorescent starter, and replace the LED starter. Place LED light tube into position.

Way2: Turn off the power, remove the fluorescent tube and fluorescent starter. Bypass magnetic ballast(Qualified Electrician ONLY). Replace with LED light tube.

  • Electronic Fixture(Electronic Ballast)

Turn off the power, remove the fluorescent tube. Qualified Electrician needs to bypass or remove the electronic ballast, reconnect for single-ended power input, and then replace with LED light tube.

How To Change Led Tube Light?

Difference Between T5 And T8 Led Tube Light

  • Difference in Sizes

In terms of the product size, T5 LED tube lamp is normally smaller than the T8 LED tube fixtures.

  • Difference in Brightness

Regarding the brightness of the LED tube fixtures, the T8 LED Tube Light is normally brighter than the T5 LED tube lamp, as T5 has a smaller volume in general. Thus, if you are looking for a brighter lamp source, the T8 LED tube light is a good choice, and if you need a darker light source, choose the T5 lamp.

  • The difference in Energy Saving

T5 LED Tube lamps will have better performance than the T8 ones in energy-saving. Since the T5 LED Tube Light is smaller in volume, T5 LED tube fittings normally need less electricity.  Normally, the T5 tube lamp saves 50 to 40 percent more energy than the T8.

  • Difference in Applications

While the T8 LED tube lamps are more widely used in public areas like factories, hospitals, institutions, and so on, the T5 LED tube fittings are commonly found for household uses.

Wholesale LED Tube Light Review


Bought 1200pcs led tube lights for the supermarket replacing 1180pcs old fluorescent led tube lights. With the new led tube lights, the supermarket is now brighter than before and no darkness anymore.

South America     Rafael E. Ledesma
South America Rafael E. Ledesma

It's the second time I purchase LED tube lights from Anern, 5000 pieces of LED light tubes mainly for distribution in the South American market. I am very satisfied with their service and factory-direct prices.

Phiippines     Delfin Eblacas
Phiippines Delfin Eblacas

These lights are used in an underground parking lot project. These LED tube lights are very good, very bright, not dazzling, and look very stylish and clean. After the installation of the LED tube lamps, the entire parking lot is bright, and the accidents are reduced.

FAQS of  Wholesale LED Tube Light

FAQS of Wholesale LED Tube Light

  • Q
    Where is the LED panel lights mainly be used?

    LED panel lights can be used as home lighting and commercial lighting, that is indoor lighting. It is not waterproof and be installed for home ceiling, hotels, shopping malls,etc.

  • Q
    What are the dimensions of LED panel lights?

    In terms of shape, LED panel lights are square, rectangular and round. In terms of size, the main sizes of LED panel lights are 300*300mm, 600*600mm, 600*1200mm, 300*1200mm.

  • Q
    What are the main housing materials of LED panel lights?

    Aluminum and acrylic are the main housing materials for making LED panel lights. The outer frame of the LED panel light is basically made of aluminum, with a beautiful appearance and not easy to rust. The light-transmitting plate and the inner light guide plate are made of acrylic material.

  • Q
    Why do some panel lights turn yellow after being used for long time?

    After being used for some time, some light guide plates will turn yellow. The main reason is  the high temperature causes the material change of the light guide plate itself. However, Our updated LED panel light can solve this problem.

  • Q
    How Long Do Led Tube Lights Last?

    Anern's LED tube light with high-efficacy light engines has a long service life as long as 50000 hours.

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