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What Is the Difference Between LED Tube Light and Ordinary Tube Light?

Currently, there are various energy-saving products available in the market, such as LED tube lights and ordinary tube lights. So what is the difference between LED tube lights and ordinary tube lights? Let's take a look!

Differences between LED tube light and ordinary tube light

  • LED tube light can be lit within the specified voltage range, while ordinary tube lights are lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier. Once the voltage drops, they cannot be lit.

  • LED tube light convert all electrical energy into light energy without any energy waste, while ordinary tube light generates a large amount of heat, causing energy waste during use.

Advantages of LED tube light

New environmentally friendly light source

LED uses a cold light source, has low glare, no radiation, and does not produce harmful substances during use. The operating voltage of LED is low, using direct current drive method, with low power consumption, ranging from 0.03 watts to 0.06 watts per tube, and the conversion of electric light power is close to 100%. Under the same illumination effect, LED can save more than 80% compared to ordinary light sources.

LED has better environmental protection function, with no ultraviolet and infrared rays in its spectrum, and its waste can be recycled, pollution-free, and mercury-free. It can be safely touched and is a standard environmental protection lighting source.

Long lifespan

LED is a solid cold light source, sealed with epoxy resin, anti-vibration, with no loose parts inside the tube light body, and will not have the weaknesses of easy combustion, heat accumulation, and light decay. The usage time can reach up to 60,000 to 100,000 hours, which is more than 10 times that of ordinary light sources.

LED tube light has stable performance and can work normally in environments ranging from -30°C to +50°C.


LED light sources can use the principle of red, green, and blue colors, and under the control of computer technology, the three colors can have 256 levels of gray and mix randomly, resulting in 256x256x256 colors, becoming a combination of different colors. The color changes that LED can achieve are varied and can complete colorful dynamic transformation effects and various images.

Above is our introduction to the differences between LED tube lights and ordinary tube lights. We hope it can help you. After reading, you should have a better understanding! 

As a leader in solar applications and LED lighting, Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has a deep understanding of customer needs. We apply advanced technology and design to every solution of our lighting products. Welcome to contact us.

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