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400W-580W Half-Cell N-type Bifacial Module With Dual Glass Mono Solar Panels

Bifacial solar panels, which are solar panels that capture sunlight on the front and back, can produce 11% to 23% more energy than single- or single-sided panels. Even more impressive, a system using bifacial panels paired with a solar tracker produced 27 percent more solar energy than a similarly sized system using conventional panels.

The ideal use case for the design of the bifacial solar panel mounting system is commercial and utility-scale solar installations, especially those utilizing solar trackers.

Specification of Half-Cell N-type Bifacial Module With Dual Glass Mono Solar Panels

Item No.PM(w)Maximum Power VoltageMaximum Power CurrentOpen Circuit  VoltageShort Circuit CurrentModule Size

N-type Bifacial PV Panels BiLinear Performance Warranty


N-type Bifacial Solar Panel's Features:

Higher power and Higher Bifaciality

For the same module type, the bifaciality of the N-type module is increased by 10-15%compared with the P-type module.

Lower Temperature Coefficient

The temperature coefficient of the P-type module is-0.34%/°C

The temperature coefficient of the N-type module is optimized to-0.30%/°C

Power generation is particularly prominent in high-temperature environments

Better Output Warranty

1st year<1%(P-type 2%)

30-year warranty for both monofacial and bifacial

power output (30 years for N-type bifacial and 25 years for P-type monofacial)

Output power is no less than 87.4% of the initial after 30years.

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