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Commercial Solar Lighting

The development of Commercial & Industrial Solar Lighting

With the development of the economy and the progress of society, people have put forward higher and higher requirements for energy, and the search for new energy has become an urgent issue facing mankind. Because solar power has the advantages of cleanliness, safety, and versatility, and adequacy of resources that are unmatched by thermal power, hydropower, and nuclear power, solar power is considered the most important energy source in the 21st century.

Traditional lighting is mainly based on the third-generation light source and the fourth-generation light source (LED) and uses city electricity as electrical energy to light up the lights. This kind of lighting power supply method requires the country's power grid to be relatively developed and stable, so as to ensure the normal use of lamps, but for some countries and regions, the power grid cannot provide stable power supply every day, and in some remote areas, the difficulty and cost of wiring Too high, these places often have no electricity or even no electricity. Even in places where the power grid is relatively developed and stable, the increasing cost of power generation will inevitably lead to an increase in electricity costs. To solve the above-mentioned problems, it is necessary to find a fundamental solution. Solar energy is a good solution to the problem of expensive and rare electricity consumption. Therefore, the solar light is developing rapidly, and its devices cover almost the entire lighting field. The market demand for solar lighting products is growing day by day, and the requirements for product quality are also getting higher and higher.

Advantages of Commercial & Industrial Solar Lighting

  • Simple installation. It can be installed independently without digging trenches, burying wires, and backfilling, saving construction costs; there is no concern about power outages, and it can be used in places where there is no electricity.

  • Less comprehensive investment. There is no need to purchase power capacity-increasing equipment, saving the cost of corresponding supporting equipment.

  • The solar lamp can realize automatic control, without personnel management, without paying electricity bills, and low operation and maintenance costs.

  • Energy-saving. It extracts energy from the sun and does not use conventional electric energy, which is inexhaustible and saves operating costs.

  • Environmental protection. No pollution, no noise, no radiation.

Now, whether it is the construction of government road projects, the lighting of private projects, or the civilian market, Anern solar street light is a popular choice, and there are more and more project bids and product sales engaged in related products. Before entering this market, you need to understand the relevant popular products and which level of market you are targeting.

Application Classification of Commercial & Industrial Solar Lighting

Solar street light

Applied to main roads and rural roads, the light source used is mainly a commercial LED solar outdoor lighting source, which is one of the main applications of commercial solar lighting. At present, there are many styles of solar streetlights, but they can be summarized into the following categories:

Split solar street lights

Semi-split solar street light

Integrated solar street light

Solar landscape light

Used in squares, parks, green spaces, and other places, mainly using various low-power LED commercial-grade solar lights sources, which can achieve better landscape lighting effects without destroying the green spaces. (ISGL02 / 02-D)

Solar garden light

It is mainly used in production facilities such as home gardens, rural trails, factory parks, etc., and mainly uses cost-effective products to ensure a certain brightness and stability. (ISGL05 / SFL02)

How Do Commercial and industrial Outdoor Solar Lights Work?

Commercial and industrial Outdoor Solar Light utilizes the photovoltaic effect principle of solar batteries. During the day, solar batteries absorb solar photon energy to generate electrical energy, which is stored in the battery through the controller. When night falls or the light around the lamp is low, the battery supplies power to the light source through the controller The power supply is cut off after the set time.

The Process of a Commercial & Industrial Outdoor Solar Light Project

1. A lighting engineer evaluates your commercial outdoor solar project based on the needs, conditions and surrounding factors of the installation site.

2. We configure and size each commercial solar light based on the hours of daylight and the type of light fixture required.

3. Our internal lighting engineers make a lighting effect simulation diagram according to your commercial outdoor lighting requirements so that you can understand the lighting effect after the street light is installed.

4. We develop a project budget based on your funds and work with you to find the best street lighting solution for you.

5. Your outdoor solar power will be shipped and shipped - the average installation time per commercial light is less than two hours. Depending on the number of lights, you can schedule installation in advance.

6. Our customer service does not end with the installation. We are always ready to answer any of your questions and assist you with any technical issues and maintenance of your commercial lights.

Why choose Anern Commercial & Industrial Outdoor Solar Light?

Anern Commercial & Industrial Outdoor Solar Lights offer a combination of energy efficiency, cost savings, environmental benefits, reliability, and versatility. Supply 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W outdoor solar lights to meet your requirements for commercial & industrial businesses and projects.

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