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All-in-one Lithium Battery Solar Storage System

The integrated solar lithium battery energy storage system adopts lithium batteries as a built-in battery type. Lithium batteries have the characteristics of small size, light weight, high capacity density, and service life of 5-8 years. When applied to an integrated solar energy storage system, the volume and weight of the system can be greatly reduced, thereby reducing freight costs. The most popular battery type currently on the market.

The Details of All-in-one Lithium Battery Solar Storage System

Lithium Batteries For Solar Power Storage

The integrated structure design of lithium solar batteries saves complicated installation steps and is more convenient to use.

Lithium Solar System

Built-in brand new lithium iron phosphate battery for solar system with a service life of up to 8 years.

Lithium Storage Batteries For Solar Power

Lithium Solar Batteries have Two output ports, AC and DC, can meet the simultaneous use of AC and DC appliances.

Wall Mounted Lithium Battery

Lithium Solar Batteries are Equipped with an MC4 solar interface, solar panels can be directly connected without other conversion heads.

The Specification of All-in-one Lithium Battery Solar Storage System

Battery Voltage12.8V25.6V25.6V25.6V48V
RATED POWER500W1000W2000W3000W5000W
Input Voltage Range110/220VAC±10%
Input Frequency45-65Hz
Output Voltage110/120/220/240VAC(optional)
Output Frequency50/60Hz
Output WavePure Sine Wave
Specification Of Built-in Lithium Battery600WH1200WH2500WH3000WH5000WH
Solar Input
Max. PV Power240W480W800W1500W3000W
Range Of Charging Voltage15-90VDC30-90VDC30-90VDC30-130VDC60-160VDC
Rated Charge Current20A30A60A60A
DC Output
5VDC USB Output2个/MAX 2A
12VDC Output Ports2个/MAX 2A
Heat Dissipation/CoolingTemperature control by intelligent exhaust fan
DisplayDigital LCD
Electricity ChargingYes
External Size:W*D*H(mm)410*210*300mm410*210*385mm460*275*495mm460*275*495mm550*300*600mm
Package Size:W*D*H(mm)458*258*348mm458*258*433mm495×290×640mm495×290×640mm585×315×760mm

The Production of All-in-one Lithium Battery Solar Storage System

The production of solar energy storage systems requires the integration of the solar controller, solar inverter and solar battery. Each system part is tested independently during the production process. After finishing the machine assembling, the entire machine will be tested with charge and discharge to ensure that the machine can operate normally after it is delivered to the customer.

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