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LED Flood Light

LED Flood Light

Types of LED Flood Lights For Sale

LED flood lights provided by led flood light manufacturers come in various types and are useful for different purposes. The most common type is standard LED flood lights, which are ideal for general outdoor and landscape lighting. RGB LED flood lights are perfect for decorative lighting and events, while solar LED flood lights are great for remote areas without electricity. Motion sensor LED flood lights are ideal for security lighting and added safety, while high-power LED flood lights are perfect for industrial and commercial lighting needs. Each type of LED flood light has unique features and advantages to meet various lighting needs.

LED flood light can be seen as the point light that can illuminate all quarters uniformly. Its range of irradiation can be adjusted at random and appears as a regular octahedron icon in the scene. Normally, a LED floodlight can be used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in combination to achieve a better effect. Meanwhile, based on the regularly led floodlight, it is available to increase LED lenses to achieve light-gathering and specific ambient lighting. As a professional LED flood lights manufacturer, Anern provides wholesale LED flood lights with a wide range of lighting and spotlighting. Aiming to become the best LED flood lights factory and supplier in China, Anern strives to meet the requirements of different scenes as much as possible. Feel free to contact us for more info about our LED flood lights wholesale.

Advantages of Anern LED Flood Light For Sale

Advantages of Anern LED Flood Light For Sale

  • Anern's LED flood lights wholesale can improve market competitiveness.

  • High-quality led chip and power supply solutions ensure product stability and create a high-quality product image.

  • As a professional LED floodlight supplier, Anern has a professional sales group who can provide free and professional

    lighting simulation analysis to help you get orders successfully.

  • One-stop purchasing experience, providing everything you want and satisfactory after-sales service.

What is the Different between Floodlight and Spotlight?

Capable of uniformly illuminating in all directions, LED floodlight has a wide irradiation range which can be adjusted arbitrarily. Normally, the LED flood lights will produce highly diffuse and directionless light, thereby resulting in soft and transparent shadows. When using LED flood lights to illuminate objects, the illumination will fade much more slowly than when used with spotlights.  Spotlights, on the other hand, project directed and well-defined beams of light to illuminate a specific area. As a professional high-power LED flood light factory, Anern suggests you combine the use of LED floodlights and spotlights so as to achieve better lighting effects.

What Are The Best Wholesale Led Flood Lights?

  • Energy-saving: Compared with incandescent lamps, good LED floodlights can save energy up to about 75%. The light flux of an 85W LED floodlight and 500W incandescent lamp is roughly the same.

  • Environmental protection: LED floodlight uses solid mercury agent. Even when it is broken, the LED floodlight will not cause pollution to the environment. It is a real environmental protection green light source.

  • No stroboscopic: Because of its high working frequency, a good LED floodlight is regarded as having "no stroboscopic effect", which will not cause eye fatigue and protect eye health.

  • Optional color temperature: The color temperature of LED flood lights for sale at Anern ranges from 2700K to 6500K, which can greatly meet the needs of different customers and application fields.

  • High proportion of visible light: In the emitted light, the proportion of visible light reaches more than 80%. Hence, the visual effect of a high-quality LED floodlight is good.

  • Small light decay rate: A good LED floodlight should not need preheating and it can immediately start and restart.

Anern's LED floodlights adopt high-quality self-developed linear power supply solutions and acrylic lens with high light transmittance, which provide higher power supply efficiency and product stability. Our LED floodlight for sale is well-known for its better lighting effects and good heat dissipation effect of the die-cast aluminum casing. Compared with the LED floodlights on the market, Aneng LED floodlights to cover two types of large range lighting and concentrated lighting, which can meet the lighting needs of different scenes. Our LED floodlight is widely used in stadiums, stadiums, stage lighting, tunnel lighting, billboard lighting, exterior wall lighting, and other fields.

Wholesale LED Flood Light Design

LED Flood Light Design

LED Flood Light Review

As a professional LED floodlight supplier and factory, Anern has got lots of positive reviews over our LED flood lights for sale.
Adhialesja      Peru
Adhialesja Peru

One of my partners recommended Anern to me. The adjustable modular floodlight exceeded our expectations, when I got it, I was amazed by how sturdy and well-made it was.102 sets of 100W floodlights are used in this stadium lighting project, very strong and powerful with great distance. 

Oladellean   South Africa
Oladellean South Africa

Great supplier of LED flood light! Upon installing I was impressed with the build and sturdiness of them and all lights working well so far.

Eduardo Kuperstein  Venezuela
Eduardo Kuperstein Venezuela

We and Anern have cooperated for 2 years. Abundant LED product series and competitive prices have made Anern a stable supplier of my offline store. Every time the customized product we got are satisfied. Anern have 12 years of production experience in led lighting, we believe it's product quality and after-sale service.

FAQS of Anern LED Flood Light

FAQS of Anern LED Flood Light

  • Q
    How to choose the suitable LED flood light?

    First, please advise where to use the LED flood lights. If they need to illuminate the entire scene extensively, or to brighten the buildings, or to light the household courtyard, it is available to use cost-effective products without lenses. If they are used in the squares, stadiums, gyms, etc., which has strict requirements on brightness, it needs to choose high-power products with lenses. As a mature LED floodlight factory, Anern can help you to select the LED floodlight that suits you the most.

  • Q
    What is the lens angle of the LED flood light?

    Our engineering LED floodlights are used high transmittance acrylic lenses and their light-emitting angles can be selected multiply. Generally, the lens angles of our LED flood lights are 60°/90°/150*75° and 25°/45°/ 110°. For more info, please consult our sales representatives.

  • Q
    What is the maximum power of LED flood light?

    At present, the maximum power of Anern's LED products is 1200W, which can basically meet the market requirement. 

  • Q
    Can LED flood lights be wall-installed?

    Our LED flood lights for wholesale can be installed on walls and straight posts, which can be adjusted according to specific scenarios.

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