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Solar Battery

Solar Battery

Solar power storage batteries are mainly used to store electricity generated by solar panels and for load use. The best solar battery pack used for solar energy generally have the characteristics of maintenance-free, deep cycle, and long service life. 

There are two main types of batteries currently used in the solar field, solar lead-acid/solar gel batteries, and solar lithium batteries. Anern supplies solar battery management system both for home and commercial.

Advantages of Solar Battery

Advantages of Solar Battery

  • The pole plate made of special lead-calcium alloy with good corrosion resistance can have a long floating life.

  • The use of a suitable positive and negative alloy formula makes the battery more suitable for the use of deep charge and discharge cycles.

  • The self-discharge is small so that the battery has a longer shelf life and reduces the frequency and workload of battery maintenance during storage.

  • Low float charge voltage, low float charge current, high battery charging efficiency; good charge acceptance and strong undercharge recovery capability.

Solar Battery Technology

Solar battery pack generates electricity based on the photoelectric properties of specific materials. Blackbodies (like the sun) emit electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths (corresponding to different frequencies), such as infrared, ultraviolet, visible light, and so on. When these rays hit a different conductor or semiconductor, the photons interact with free electrons in the conductor or semiconductor to produce an electric current.

The shorter the wavelength and higher the frequency of the rays, the higher the energy. For example, the energy of ultraviolet rays is much higher than that of infrared rays. However, not all wavelengths of ray energy can be converted into electrical energy. It is worth noting that the photoelectric effect is independent of the intensity of the ray, only when the frequency reaches or exceeds the photoelectric effect threshold, the current can be generated.

Solar cell power generation is a renewable and environmentally friendly way of power generation, which does not produce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and will not pollute the environment.

Solar Battery Installation

1. Take a simple stranded copper core wire.

2. Use the black wire to match the charge controller "minus" with the battery "minus".

3. Use the red wire to match the charge controller "plus" with the battery "plus"

4. Screw the wires tightly into the charge controller.

Solar Battery Installation

Solar Battery Connection Diagram

After you've connected the charge controller with the solar battery system, it is now safe to connect it to panels.

1. Connect MC4 connectors with a complimentary pair of connectors with wires on other ends. If you have two wires coming out straight of the junction box, skip this step.

2. Plug these wires into the regulator: positive into "plus", negative into "minus".

3. Once you've connected the panels to the controller, it should be able to recognize them. Check the status of your array on the charge controller screen.

4. PV modules start to generate electricity as soon as they face the sun.

Solar Battery Connection Diagram

Solar Batteries Review

Zambia  William Musole
Zambia William Musole

Thanks Good product quality and excellent support from the Anern group who continue to deal with us. We have been dealing with Anern for a few years on solar field now and will order again from Anern company. Cheers!

Myanmar  Jurgen Klopp
Myanmar Jurgen Klopp

The solar lifepo4 lithium batteries I purchased from Anern were used to supply a power project to a gas station. The solar batteries adopted wall-mounted design, which is easy to install and space-saving.

Rumania  Andrei Coman
Rumania Andrei Coman

 I did a survey and found that Anern is a factory store. These solar batteries are fantastic, mainly used to power my warehouse. This is my second time purchasing from Anern. Great service, great advice, great products with a long lifespan, great prices, and super fast delivery. Highly recommended.

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