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Solar Light
High performance all in one solar street lights and split type solar street lights are suitable for all kinds of applications.
  • Solar Street Light
    These bulk solar street lights are mainly developed to illuminate large areas with the highest intensity of light, such as Street Lighting, Roadway Lighting, Pathway Lighting, Ramp Lighting, Sidewalk Lighting.
  • Solar Garden Light
    Coupled with unique optical designed, these China solar lights with high luminous efficiency can be irradiated to a wider area. They provide a perfect way to emphasize the beautiful landscaping in your garden.
Solar Power System
Anern can assist you in customizing solar power systems for a wide range of commercial and home solar applications. We provide grid-tied,off-grid, hybrid, and all of the components, including Anern solar panels and Anern solar generators, that are necessary to construct and operate an Anern solar power system.
LED Light
Anern provides the most ideal outdoor LED lighting and indoor LED lighting solution which can meet the requirements for uses in different application conditions and environmental conditions. Purchase Anern LED lights with direct factory supply at the best prices here.
Anern Energy Solutions
Anern offers the industry's most comprehensive solutions for commercial lighting, commercial solar systems, and residential solar systems. Help businesses both large and small cut energy costs and improve return on investment.
  • Commercial LED Lighting
    Anern has been leading in the field of high-quality professional outdoor and indoor LED lighting for a long time. We can provide a wide range of Anern Lighting Solutions to address functional needs, stylish considerations, and ambience that sets just the right tone for the workplace.
  • Commercial Solar Lighting
    Anern develops and manufactures industry-leading solar outdoor LED lighting systems to provide cost-effective solutions for commercial and industrial projects.
  • Commercial Solar System
    We help design and build systems for a range of commercial solar applications such as small businesses, large-scale commercial projects, solar farms, and microgrids, and custom projects large and small.
  • Residential Solar System
    Anern designs and supplies residential solar systems using quality name-brand solar panels and solar panel mounting kits. Anern solar projects and anern solar lights are perfect for the contractor or handy homeowner/builder working with an electrician.
Anern's Professional Design Teams Provide Customized Services for Your Needs.
About Anern
In China, Anern has been engaged in Solar and LED lighting for more than 12 years. Exploration, innovation, and development are the basic development principles of Anern. Anern has been providing the world with high-quality solar lights and solar power systems for a long time, which is the basic recognition of the whole industry.
  • Corporate Mission

    With the brand spirit of people-orientation, the sustainability of life, and developing the legends of lights, Anern insists on continuation, sublimation, integrity, and win-win cooperation. We are striving to fulfil the responsibility for environmental protection.

  • Corporate Vision

    The continuation is not only for the culture but also a momentum for us to move forward. We are striving to be a world-leading brand in the renewable energy and energy-saving lighting field.

  • Core Values

    Opening-up, harmony, pragmatism, and innovation

  • Company Quality Policy

    Full participation, technological innovation, continuous improvement to pursue 100% customer satisfaction.

"Anern offered prompt, professional service and their customized service impressed me a lot. I will continue to trust Anern formidable technical team."

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