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Anern focus on developing and manufacturing customized led lighting, solar lighting and solar power system for a wide range of led lighting applications, solar lighting applications,  commercial and home solar applications. We provide cost-effective, industry-leading and proprietary led lighting solutions, solar light solutions and solar power system solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. If you are interested, contact us now to get more about led light, solar street light and solar power system project. 

  • Led Light Project
    Led Light Project
    Anern offers a broad variety of smart led flood light and has applied in LED light project, for instance 6-lane freeway-5000 sets LED street lights project, campus project and LED flood light tunnel project.
  • Solar Light Project
    Solar Light Project
    Anern offers types of solar lights, and outdoor solar lights have applied in solar light project among many countries.
  • Solar Power System Project
    Solar Power System Project
    Anern is committed to developping professional solar electric battery charging system, and has successfully applied in solar power system project.
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