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All In Two Solar Street Light (SSL-I)

AN-SSL-I series is the latest all-in-two solar street light developed by Anern in 2024. The market demand for semi-split solar street lights has been increasing continuously, but the two-in-one solar street lights currently in the market cannot meet the requirements of end customers for quality and performance. In order to meet this part of customers, Anern combined its own product development advantages and customer needs to launch a new generation of all-in-two solar street lights, which have the characteristics of high brightness, long lighting time, adjustable angle, and large battery box. Our smart solar lights can meet the demand for high-quality lighting and holds great competitiveness in their price.

The Details of All In Two Solar Street Light (SSL-I)

Smart Solar Light

This two in one solar street light adopts LED adjustable angle module design, which can be adjusted by 25 degrees both forward and backward to meet different road lighting requirements.

Two In One Solar Street Light

Large battery box design can be built-in lithium battery up to 12V 150AH to meet the requirements for high brightness and long backup time.

Two In One Solar Street Light

The solar panel of the two in one solar street light adopts imported high-efficiency solar cells. The conversion efficiency of this series is high and it can be charged even on cloudy days.

Smart Solar Light

Customized intelligent control system, we can continuous lighting for 8 rainy days at most.

The Specification of All In Two Solar Street Light (SSL-I)

LED Light






Bridgelux LED Chips100pcs100pcs 100pcs100pcs100pcs

Lithium battery

768WH @12.8V

768WH @12.8V

960WH @12.8V

1152WH @12.8V

1536WH @25.6V

Monocrystalline Panel

18V 100W

18V 150W

18V 200W

18V 250W

36V 300W


IP 66

Solar charging time

6-8 hours by bright sunlight

Lighting time

4-5 nights

Housing Material

Aluminium alloy + PMMA

Work temperature

-20℃ to 60℃


5 years

The Production of All In Two Solar Street Light (SSL-I)

Our new all in two solar street lights are quite popular in the South African market. Anern is adhere to ensure the delivery of quality and quantity on time.

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