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10KW-200KW Three Phase On-Grid Solar Power Supply System

Solar grid-tied power generation systems can also be applied to commercial, industrial, and government power stations. Compared with the grid-tied system for home use, the grid-tied system for industrial and commercial use in order to meet the daily power consumption, the power generation is far greater than the ordinary home grid-connected system, and the grid-connected inverter mainly uses three-phase electricity. Grid-connected power generation systems can save the next large amount of electricity bills by using solar energy. So far, grid-connected solar systems have been introduced in many fields, such as hotels, shopping malls, factories, and farms.

The Details of 10KW-200KW 3 Phase On-grid Solar System

  • More than 10 years of experience in the solar industry, with a strong team of engineers, to help you win the project.

  • Independently produce solar panels, use internationally renowned brand grid-connected inverters, and all accessories meet international standards

    to ensure system stability and safety.

  • According to actual project requirements, scientific and reasonable solar power system schemes and consultations can be provided free of charge

The Specification of 10KW-200KW 3 Phase Solar Power System


Solar Panel

On-grid Inverter


20pcs 500W

1pcs 10KW


30pcs 500W

1pcs 15KW


34pcs 500W

1pcs 17KW


40pcs 500W

1pcs 20KW


60pcs 500W

1pcs 30KW


100pcs 500W

1pcs 50KW


120pcs 500W

1pcs 60KW

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