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PWM Solar Charge Controller

PWM refers to Pulse-width modulation, the PWM solar controller self-regulates by changing the width (length) and frequency of the pulses sent to the battery. In PWM regulation, the current from the solar array is gradually reduced according to the battery condition and charging needs.

PWM solar charge controller with built-in LCD that adopts the most advanced digital technique. The multiple load control modes enable it can be widely used on the solar off-grid system, traffic signals, solar street lights, etc.

Features of PWM Solar Charge Controller

  1. System voltage of battery 12/24/36/48V automatic recognition;

  2. Intelligent 4 stages charging: Bulk, Absorption, Equalize, Float;

  3. LCD display with Back-lighting shows the device’s operating data and working condition;

  4. Support more kinds of batteries: Lead-acid battery and lithium battery;

  5. Double USB output 5V/2A;


Intelligent design multiple security protection, simple, safe, reliable.

PWM Solar Charge controller for solar off-grid system

Support more kinds of batteries:

Lead-acid battery and lithium battery

Support more kinds of battery  Lead-acid battery and lithium battery

Specification of PWM Solar Charge Controller

Item No.DC Voltage(Auto)Maximum
Charge Current
PV Maximum Input VoltageCarton DimensionG.WRemark
AN-ET20-10A12/24V10A50V560*390*210mm16.8kgNo Ampere display
AN-ST1524-10A12/24V10A50V625*465*255mm19kgNo Ampere display,Aluminum plate heat dissipation
AN-ST3024-40A12/24V40A50V415*355*260mm14.7kgAlloy terminal, Ampere display
AN-ST6024-50A12/24V50A50V435*365*275mm17.4kgAlloy terminal, Ampere display, Aluminum plate heat dissipation

PWM Solar Charge Controller for solar off-grid system


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