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Advantages and Applications of LED Panel Lights

1. Current LED panel lights have the following advantages:

(1) The LED panel light adopts LCD (Liquid Crystal Backlight) technology and unique heat dissipation design to ensure high LED efficacy, low light decay and long life.

(2) No ultraviolet and infrared rays, harmless to the illuminated object.

(3) The surface of the LED panel light is smooth, bright, evenly luminous, soft and not dazzling.

(4) 100~240VAC input voltage with high power efficiency. It has short start-up time and no flickering.

(5) It's easy to install, environmental-friendly and safe.

(6) It has stable performance, low maintenance rate, strong versatility, convenient to install and space saving.

2. What problems need to be considered when using LED panel lights?

Although the LED panel light has many advantages such as glare and uniform light emission, it still takes time if it wants to replace the grille light. The problem is as follow:

(1) Light efficiency: the light output efficiency is not good because of the adoption the form of backlight.

Light output efficiency of ordinary light guide plate reaches from 50% to 60%, which features both high power and not energy saving. Therefore, it is bound to have high power in order to meet the brightness requirement.

(2) Price: Due to the demand of increasing the brightness, the number of LEDs should be large, and the heat dissipation should not be too small either. In addition, the price of the light guide plate itself is high, so the price does not have much advantage.

Therefore, we assume that it will take a while for LED panel light to be used in large scale, but it will definitely become mainstream in the future due to its features of uniformity and aesthetics.

After full competition ofLED panel lights, the price will be close to the critical point of large-scale use in the market. However, if the market popularization work is inappropriate, the technical bottleneck has not been effectively solved, and the product innovation is not enough, it will greatly affect the replacement pace of LED panel lights for traditional grille lights and downlights. Facing the current development of the LED panel light industry helps to promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry effectively. LED panel light is a successful innovative product in the LED era.

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