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The Improvement of Light Efficiency and Brightness of LED Panel Lights

1. How to highlight the LED panel lights? Can changing the lamp beads improve the light efficiency?

(1) Reducing the current used will linearly increase the luminous efficacy of the lamp beads, and the power will also decrease accordingly.

Currently, if you use 0.2W lamp bead, and replace it to 0.5W lamp bead with a larger chip package, the light efficiency will increase a lot, so as the cost. If you want to calculate the lighting effect of the LED panel you designed, you need to know the current already used, the light effect of the lamp beads under this current, and the loss of each component.

If 0.5W is not high enough, and you are worried about the power will drop, you can also use a two-chip packaged lamp bead. In high luminous efficiency design, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the cost, but it's not necessarily proportional.

(2) In addition to changing the lamp beads with high light efficiency, you can also improve the overall light efficiency by reducing the driving current of the lamp beads.

(3) Consider below three aspects:

A. Lamp beads. Using high-power lamp beads and reducing the current can increase the light efficiency, but at the same time, the cost will increase accordingly.

B. Power supply. You need to test  efficiency of the existing power supply first. For the same parameters, the light efficiency can be improved and cost can be cut down with an efficiency of 90% compared with an efficiency of 85%. Efficiency of 90% also performs more natural in light.

C. Structural materials. It devides into two parts: one is the light transmittance of the acrylic light guide plate, and the other is the reflectivity of the back reflective paper.  The actual operating space that can be improved here is not large, because the LED panel light kit is provided by the manufacturer, so it can basically be excluded.

2. How to solve the brightness problem of LED panel lights?

Nowadays, LED panel lights have gradually been integrated into our lives, it's also widely used in office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, campuses, hospitals, hotels, parking lots, factories, municipal engineering, home or lighting decoration, and have become a commodity that consumers highly valued. The brightness of LED panel lights of LED lighting manufacturers is uniform. Let's take a look at the common sense of uniform brightness of LED panel lights.

LED panel lights mainly have two methods including side-side lighting and reverse lighting. According to the consideration of cost and layout, most of the current LED panel lights use the side-side lighting method, and the light is guided to the light-emitting panel through the light guide plate to announce the light.

Therefore, the light guide plate of the panel light has become a very critical component in the quality control, which requires great efforts and hard work when selecting and ordering. The network design of the light guide plate must meet the needs of this LED panel light. It is necessary to use the best products, please don't try to use cheap one, because you will pay for it. Other links such as diffuser plates, reflective films, and heat dissipation must also be done well. LED lighting manufacturers only provide customers with excellent products and high-quality services.

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