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How Much Power LED Panel Light Should You Choose for Office Lighting?

We will ignore some very important parameters when choosing lamps in office lighting. Customers will have many requirements on parameters when our LED panel lights are exported, and they also attach great importance to these parameters. In some developed countries, consumers will also look at these parameters when buying lamps.

Take our LED panel lights as an example, it's more suitable for office lighting. Our consumers will see the parameters like power and size. Some people will also see the brightness, but the brightness can only be checked by eyes. Consumers will ignore indication, stroboscopic, infrared UV, light effect, etc., all these are parameters that we would ignore. Although it's hard to tell with our eyes, these parameters are very significant.

1. What are these parameters of LED panel lights used for?

(1) Color rendering index of LED panel lamp

Color rendering index refers to the color relationship between an object's actual color (its luster) and the color under standard light.

When eight kinds of testing colors are defined from the DIN6169 standard compared with a tested light source, the Ra value can be confirmed. In this situation, the smaller the color difference is the better color rendering displays. Simply speaking, the color restoration is good, if the finger is low, it's hard for us to distinguish colors.

(2) Stroboscopic and red UV of LED panel lights

Stroboscopic and red UV of LED panel lights are very harmful to the eyes, so when we choose them, please try to choose lamps without or smaller lamps.

(3) Light efficiency of LED panel lamp

Light efficiency is equal to brightness, which means it can emit 70LM of light per watt, LM we mentioned here refers to the brightness of the light. When you choose LED panel lights, please try to choose high luminous flux flat lights if the wattage is all the same.

LED panel light offers different power to select in office lighting application, take 60*60CM panel light for example which is the most common one: there are many varieties from 20W to 48W power for you to choose. Most customers prefer to choose power with 40W or more than this level. The Luminous flux is up to 3000LM, while some retailers usually choose low-power LED panel lights like 30W or lower than this to cut down the cost. In this way, their products have both price advantage, and also save more energy, so that there are more selling points.

2. How to choose LED panel lights with the right power?

In fact, LED panel lights produced by regular manufacturers are just ok as long as the quality is good, there is no good or bad, only suitable or not.

Some places do not need too bright colors, there is a choice of color temperature. Warm white, white and cold white all have different effects. For example, places like office lighting need brighter colors so it will have a better lighting effect. Then we can choose the positive white and high power LED panel lamp.

We recommended a 60*60CM panel lamp with 40W power and 3200LM luminous flux, one quantity is just enough for a room of 9 square meters. 40 watts of power is the most appropriate in this situation, because larger than 40W will cause insufficient heat dissipation, smaller power will waste other supporting resources.

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