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  • Advantages and Applications of LED Panel Lights
    Mar 03,2022
    1. Current LED panel lights have the following advantages:(1) The LED panel light adopts LCD (Liquid Crystal Backlight) technology and unique heat dissipation design to ensure high LED efficacy, low l...
  • The Improvement of Light Efficiency and Brightness of LED Panel Lights
    Mar 01,2022
    1. How to highlight the LED panel lights? Can changing the lamp beads improve the light efficiency?(1) Reducing the current used will linearly increase the luminous efficacy of the lamp beads, and the...
  • Development Status of LED Light Bulbs Industry
    Feb 22,2022
    Ⅰ. LED light bulbs are the mainstream of current lampsLED light bulbs are mainly based on high-power white LED single lamps. LED lighting is a general term for LED lamps. With the further maturity of...
  • What Are the Advantages of LED Light Bulbs?
    Feb 18,2022
    Ⅰ. The technology development of LED light bulbs keppes lighting innovativeToday, there are a dazzling array of LED lighting products on the lighting market. In today's more and more abundant lig...
  • How to Improve the Quality of LED Panel Light?
    Feb 11,2022
    LED panel lights and other lighting fixtures have become popular in China in recent years. We believe that this is because of its high cost performance and strong practicability, so it is favored and ...
  • Common Problems in the Installation Process of LED Panel Light
    Feb 04,2022
    What are the common faults of LED panel lights due to improper operation? The following is a summary of the following experiences for the four problems in the installation and use of LED panel lights....
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