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5.5KW Solar System Government Project for Village in Lebanon

Project Name:5.5KW Solar System Government Project for Village in Lebanon  
Date:April, 2021
Project Type:Off-grid Solar Power System Commercial Project 
Project Site:Lebanon
Quantity and specific configuration:5KW Off-grid Solar Power System with 2pcs 5.5 hybrid solar inverter and 10pcs 350W poly solar panels
Description:Anern Solar were approached by Lebanon customers on off-grid solar system solution for 100 houses in a village due to a lack of electricity in Lebanon recently. This is a sample test for this project and customers are satisfied with it a lot. Now we are working on the rest of the system.

 5.5KW_Solar_System_Government_Project_for_Village_in_Lebanon_(3).jpg 5.5KW_Solar_System_Government_Project_for_Village_in_Lebanon_(2).jpg


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