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1KW-6KW Single Phase On-Grid Solar System

With the popularity of solar power generation, many countries encourage the installation of solar power systems to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity consumption, and solar grid-tied systems have become the first choice in terms of stability and cost. If the local government has a policy of grid-tied power generation, the household owner can also sell the excess electricity generated to the government. According to the survey of end-users, most of the distributed solar power generation systems are concentrated in single-phase 5KW and below.

The Details of 1KW-6KW Single Phase On-grid solar system

  • Solar energy is real clean energy, and it will not produce any pollution during power generation.

  • The solar grid-tied power generation system can directly feed the generated electricity into the grid without any storage batteries,

    which greatly reduces the installation cost of the system.

  • Using well-known brand grid-connected inverters, global joint guarantee, quality is guaranteed.

  • The excess electricity generated by the system can be sold to the government with a high return on investment.

The Specification of 1KW-6KW Single Phase On-grid solar system


Solar Panel

On-grid Inverter

Power Generation


4pcs 270W

1pcs 1KW



6pcs 350W

1pcs 2KW



9pcs 350W

1pcs 3KW



16pcs 350W

1pcs 5KW



18pcs 350W

1pcs 6KW


The Production of 1KW-6KW Single Phase On-grid solar system

Anern has focused on the production of solar products for more than 10 years. With standardized solar production workshops and professional technical staff, engineering contractors from all over the world have chosen Anern in the past ten years. We ensure that the solar accessories delivered to you are complete and running well.

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