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Commercial Off-Grid Solar System

Commercial solar power supply systems are mainly aimed at high-power commercial and industrial electricity applications. Generally, the load power is greater than 30KW, and the daily power consumption is above 100KWH. Basically in any country, commercial electricity and industrial electricity are generally attributed to residential electricity, and electricity bills have long been a huge cost. The solar power supply system can greatly reduce the use of city electricity by converting free solar resources into electricity, and even completely replace the use of city electricity, which can save a huge amount of electricity bills in one year. At the same time, solar panels have a service life of up to 25 years, and in the long run, the return on investment is high.

The Details of Commercial Off-grid Solar System

  • Full power, the high conversion rate of solar panels, with the maximum single solar panel power up to 500W, and the service life is up to 25 years, which greatly improves the power generation per unit area.

  • The 12V /2V deep-cycle gel battery has many cycles, low self-discharge, and long service life.

  • Using MPPT controller, the conversion efficiency is as high as 98%.

  • It can be equipped with a WIFI remote monitoring system, and users can read the system operation status through a mobile APP any time.

  • The entire process from pre-sale to after-sale is followed up by a professional sales engineering team to ensure that each system can operate safely and reliably.

The Specification of Commercial Electricity Storage


Solar Panel

GEL Battery




96pcs 350W

64pcs 12V230AH

1pcs 384V100A

1pcs 30KW


144pcs 350W

96pcs 12V250AH

2pcs 384V100A

1pcs 50KW


288pcs 350W

192pcs 2V1800AH

3pcs 384V100A

1pcs 100KW


592pcs 350W

192pcs 2V3500AH

4pcs 384V150A

1pcs 200KW

The Production of Commercial off-grid solar system

Our 30,000-square-meter solar production workshop has passed strict control of the manufacturing process and quality inspection to to provide clients with qualified products and professional technical services.

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