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What Are the Characteristics of LED Street Lamps?

The LED street lamps currently launched have a variety of product appearances, the arrangement and quantity of LED luminous particles, the external size and internal design of the rectifier circuit.

Such as: the power of a single tube is different, ranging from 1-5W; the light distribution is different, such as bat shape, rectangle, butterfly wing shape, etc.; optical processing methods include self-contained lens, no secondary optical processing and secondary optics processing; the driver has a dedicated drive chip IC and no electrolytic capacitor; the package has a multi-chip package and a single chip package; the technical circuit has a modular high-power, chip-integrated high-power, dot-matrix high-power, etc.

The power supply assembly also has its own integrated and external power supply, and the heat dissipation technology has its own merits, which brings great inconvenience to the operation and maintenance work after popularization, and does not conform to the standardization and universal design principles of municipal public facilities.

Ⅰ. Market advantages of LED street lamps

With the continuous maturity of technology, the energy-saving effect of LED street lamps has become increasingly prominent, especially the intelligent control characteristics of LEDs not only strengthen the advantages of LED street lamp products, but also greatly enhance the energy-saving space of road lamp systems. Therefore, under the current background of energy saving and emission reduction, local governments have widely promoted LED street lamp products.

Benefiting from favorable factors such as government procurement of key projects and the continued large-scale promotion of LED street lamp construction, the LED street lamp series index has shown a sustained upward trend recently, which has greatly stimulated the LED street lamp market.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of the LED street lamp market

1. The overall environment of LED street lamps tends to be stable. However, due to the influence of many objective factors such as the government, the advancement speed of LED street lamps has been significantly lower than expected, and the growth rate has slowed down.

2. LED street lamps have made great progress in terms of overall road illumination, uniformity and glare control. However, due to the tightening of market demand and the huge base of LED street lamp manufacturers, market competition is fierce, and LED street lamp orders are mostly concentrated in larger companies .

In the future, the LED solar lamp manufacturer is not only fighting for quality but also for price. It is also the goal of many LED street lamp manufacturers to seek new economic growth points.

3. The structural design of LED street lamps has changed, and the modularization of light sources has become a new trend in the future. The previous integral and modular design had to replace the entire lamp once there was a problem with the lamp, but after the light source was modularized, only the electronic control part was replaced. Although it did not save the cost from the perspective of a single lamp, the cost was lower in the long run. 

4. The application of intelligent control systems in LED street lamps is gradually increasing. Smart LED street lamps can save 10%-20% more energy than the original LED energy-saving technology, but the stability of the smart LED street lamp system is insufficient, the failure rate has doubled, and the control system may break faster than the lamps.

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