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What is the Material of the Light Guide Plate of the LED Panel Light?

The LED panel light guide plate is made of optical-grade acrylic/PC sheet, and then uses high-tech materials with extremely high reflectivity and no light absorption to print light-guiding points on the bottom surface of the optical-grade acrylic sheet with UV screen printing technology.

Use the optical grade acrylic sheet to absorb the light emitted from the lamp and stay on the surface of the optical grade acrylic sheet. When the light hits each light guide point, the reflected light will spread to all angles, and then destroy the reflection conditions and exit from the front of the light guide plate. Through various light guide points of different density and size, the light guide plate can be made to emit light uniformly. The purpose of the reflective sheet is to reflect the light exposed on the bottom surface back into the light guide plate to improve the use efficiency of light.

1. Design and manufacturing principle of LED panel light guide plate

The design principle of the light guide plate is based on the LCD technology of the notebook computer, and then the technology is improved. The technology of the LED panel light guide plate is to convert the linear light source into a surface light source, and the practical application is full of technological elements.

Using optical grade acrylic sheet as the basic raw material, and then using the LCD display and notebook computer backlight module display technology, through the full high light transmittance of the light guide point, through the PC to the light guide point distribution design, the LED panel light accessories can be guided. The light of the light plate is converted into the uniform light state of the surface light source, and it is designed and manufactured after being formed.

Spectral analysis technology, pulsed laser engraving technology and V-Cutting scribing principle are used to make LED panel light guide plate. And the production is completed in a constant temperature, constant humidity and dust-free environment.

The reflection points of the LED light sources located on both sides of the light guide plate are very small and circular, and the light source and the light source maintain a balanced and appropriate distance. The reflection point in the middle part of the light guide plate is very dense and thick, and the shape resembles an ellipse.

When the LED light enters the light guide plate from the light sources on both sides and hits the reflection point, the LED light source is diffusely reflected on the surface of the light guide plate; the other is that the light directly penetrates the light guide plate and reaches the surface. The closer the light guide plate to the light source is, the stronger the direct light obtained, and the weaker the farther away. On the other hand, the reflection points close to the light source are fine and distant, and less diffusely reflected light, on the contrary, those thick and tight points of the distant light source reflect more light. After these lights are cluttered and blended, the brightness of the entire light guide plate is uniform.

2. The performance characteristics of LED panel light guide plate

The accessory of the LED panel light, namely the light guide plate, has an ultra-thin design, high color rendering brightness, and its light guide performance is very uniform, which is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting product. The accessories of the LED panel light are durable, not easy to yellow, no dark area, easy to install, simple to maintain, etc. In addition to LED panel light products, it is also used in LED ceiling lights, LED panel lights, ultra-thin light boxes, LCD TVs, LED light-emitting curtain walls, medical film viewers and other products.

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