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300 Sets of Semi-split Street Lights in Congo

Project Name: 300 Sets of Semi-split Solar Street Lights in Congo

Date: Aug 2019

Project Type: Rural Road Lighting Project

Project Site: Congo

Quantity and specific configuration: 300pcs AN-ISSL-I 80W Semi-split solar street lights with 7-meter poles

Description: This project is a public welfare project for the new local president to provide lighting to the underdeveloped areas. In response to the actual lighting needs of the project, we provided customers with 80W AN-ISSL-I series semi-split solar street lights with 7m light poles. The AN-ISSL-I series optimizes the complicated wiring method of traditional split solar street light in installation. Customers only need to connect the plug of the solar panel to light up, which is safe and fast. At present, the project has been in the good running, and it has successfully brought light to the local people and has been appreciated by the local people.

semi-split-street-lights-in-congo semi-split-street-lights-in-congo

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