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Anern 16 Sets 5.5KW Off-grid Solar Power System in Kenya

Project Name:Anern 16 Sets 5.5KW Off-grid Solar Power System in Kenya
Date:Sep. 2021
Project Type: Off-grid Solar Power System Commercial Project
Project Site:Kiambu, Kenya
Quantity and specific configuration:one complete off-grid solar power system includes 10pcs / 16pcs poly solar panel, 1pc 5500W hybrid inverter, 4pcs / 8pcs 250AH lead-acid batteries, 1set solar panel rack, 30M / 60M cables, 1pc wifi module, 1 pairs 3-terminal connectors.
Description: This solar power system project is located in Kiambu, Kenya. Client imported these 16 sets 5.5KW off-grid solar power system for wholesale business in the local. After all components are installed and the system worked, it has been running for 2- 3 days and it is perfect with no errors and shut down. The client is getting more inquiries from the neighbors especially after they see the system work.


Anern-16-sets-5.5KW-off-grid-solar-power-system-in-Kenya6.jpg Anern-16-sets-5.5KW-off-grid-solar-power-system-in-Kenya1.jpg




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