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Common Installation Methods for LED Panel Lights

LED Panel Lights, also known as LED flat panel lights, are a type of energy-efficient LED lamp commonly found in living rooms and offices. Due to their even and bright illumination, large lighting area, and sleek design, these lights offer excellent lighting effects, making them favored by many.

There are four main installation methods for LED panel lights: recessed installation, suspended installation, concealed installation, and surface-mounted installation. Let's explore the steps for each installation method.

Recessed Installation for LED Panel Lights

This method is suitable for integrated ceilings and is commonly seen in offices, shops, kitchens, and bathrooms. It involves creating a light groove by removing a ceiling panel, placing the LED panel light driver next to the ceiling, connecting the power supply, and then placing the panel light into the groove. This installation method is relatively simple.

Suspended Installation for LED Panel Lights

This method is less common and more personalized. It involves fixing the four suspension wire brackets on the ceiling, connecting the four wires to the LED panel light's installation points, connecting the light driver's power supply, and adjusting the height of the panel light by pulling the steel wires. This installation method offers flexibility in adjusting the height.

Concealed Installation for LED Panel Lights

This traditional method is suitable for simpler decorations. It involves cutting the ceiling to the size of the LED panel light frame using a utility knife, installing the light frame, connecting the light driver's power supply, and finally embedding the LED panel light.

Surface-Mounted Installation for LED Panel Lights

Similar to concealed installation, this method involves fixing the LED light frame on the outside of the ceiling, protruding from the ceiling plane. It is a straightforward installation method that does not require removing a part of the ceiling. The LED panel light frame is first fixed to the ceiling, the LED driver's power supply is connected, and then the panel light is pressed onto the fixed frame.

Both concealed and surface-mounted installation methods are suitable for simpler decorations, while recessed installation is ideal for integrated ceilings. These three methods ultimately result in a similar clean and elegant style. Suspended installation is more unique and suitable for those seeking personalized decorations. However, it's crucial to ensure the firmness of the suspension wires to avoid shaking during use, which could affect the lighting effect or lead to accidents.

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