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Four Installation Methods of The LED Panel Light

The LED panel light is a trendy, fashionable, energy-saving and popular indoor lighting lamp. The LED light source has a good lighting effect and good illumination uniformity. And it has a soft, comfortable and bright light, which is suitable for decoration and installation in various places. Here are four installation methods of the LED panel light, which can help everyone.

1. Embedded installation of the LED panel light

This method is suitable for the installation of integrated ceilings, which is often used in offices, shops, kitchens and bathrooms, etc. It is also the most common installation method. A brick on the ceiling should be removed, and put the LED panel light driver next to it. Then, connect the power cord and put the panel light on. The installation method is simple.

2. Hoisting installation of the LED panel light

It is suitable for the installation of personalized decoration. A hanging wire is needed to hand the lamp from the ceiling. Firstly, the four hanging wires on the lamp should be fixed on the roof, then connect the four hanging wires to the LED panel light. Then, connect the driving power cord of the lamp and pull the steel wire to adjust the height of the panel light. The installation method is flexible.

3. Concealed (embedded) installation of the LED panel light

This is a more traditional installation method, which is more suitable for simple decoration occasions. Firstly, draw the inner edge size of the LED panel light frame, and then cut it with a knife. Then, install the light frame and connect the light drive power cord. Finally, the LED panel light should be embedded.

4. Surface-mounted (embedded) installation of the LED panel light

This installation method is very similar to the concealed installation method. However, the LED light frame is embedded outside the ceiling (protruding from the ceiling plane). Firstly, fix the LED panel light frame on the ceiling, and then connect the LED drive power cord. Then, press the panel light firmly on the fixed frame.

When choosing the above installation methods, the interior decoration style should be considered to make it in line with the beauty of lighting collocation. In addition, factors such as economy and practicability should be considered to decide the style and installation method of the LED panel light.

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