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Important Things About the Panel Lamp LED

Technological innovation and economic development are imperceptibly changing our lives. Today we are going to introduce the LED panel light. The LED panel light uses a unique SMD patch as the light source. With the light guide plate and diffuser, the ultra-thin design of the LED panel light can not only provide illumination, but also add artistic beauty.

Currently, the LED panel light is mainly used in office lighting, classroom lighting, hospital lighting, and hotel lighting. When LED was just launched, T5 and T8 grille lamps, which were the main sources of traditional fluorescent lamps, became the main competitors of the LED panel light.

With the price of the LED panel light is close to the traditional grille lamp, the market competitiveness of the LED panel light has been fully reflected. As the replacement of the traditional grille lamp and the whiteboard lamp, the LED panel light is becoming increasingly popular.

1. Classification of the LED panel light

(1) Based on the shape:

The LED panel light can be divided into square, rectangular, circular, outer square and inner circle, etc.

(2) Based on the specification size:

It has sizes of 300mmx300mm, 300mmx600mm, 300mmx1200mm, 600mmx600mm.

(3) Based on the light-emitting method:

There are the side-emitting LED panel light and the back-emitting LED panel light (straight down). There are also different lighting methods. We will first look at the shape difference.

(4) Based on the installation method:

There is the flat type (T-shaped keel), embedded type (opening), buckle type (triangular keel), suspension type and ceiling type.

2. Side-emitting and back-emitting LED panel lights

(1) The side-emitting LED panel light

The side-emitting LED panel light is mainly composed of a frame bracket, a diffuser, a reflector, a light guide, a driver, and a light bar. Currently, the main light guide materials are PS (Polystyrene), PC (Polycarbonate), PMMA (polymethyl metha crylate) acrylic materials.

(2) The back-emitting LED panel light

The back-emitting LED panel light is a straight down type, the light source is evenly distributed behind the diffuser and then shines directly downward.

3. Application prospects of the LED panel light

(1) The market acceptance has gradually increased, and market sales have gradually expanded

The LED panel light is popular in the market because of its ultra-thinness. The LED panel light should take advantage of its characteristics and advantages. With the premise of meeting practical needs and maximizing the energy efficiency of the light source, the lamp should be designed with ultra-thin and a personalized appearance. Therefore, it will occupy a place in the general office lighting and commercial lighting market in the future.

(2) Various functional customized LED panel lights will appear

With the use of LED driving technology and the development of intelligent systems, the development of the LED panel light will also be diversified. For example, a series of new products such as the dimming LED panel light and the color-changing LED panel light will gradually be favored by the market.

(3) The difficult maintenance problem will be solved

The LED lamp is different from the traditional fluorescent grille lamp. If the light source is broken, the whole lamp has to be replaced. And the maintenance cost is relatively high. This is a common problem that all LED lamps have. It is believed that there will be solutions with the progress of technology.

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