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What Aspects Should Be Considered When Selecting Panel LED Lamp?

Appearance Characteristics of Panel LED Lamp

Based on shape, style, and design elements.

There are square, rectangular, circular, and irregularly shaped panel LED lamp such as leaf-shaped and diamond-shaped ones. Choosing the panel light that suits your taste and existing decoration style is important.

Size of Panel LED Lamp

The size of panel LED lamp ranges from 7 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches and so on.

The size of panel LED lamp is usually indicated by the length of both sides, such as 300mm*300mm, 30cm*30cm, 300mm*600mm, 30cm*60cm or 3030, 3060. The suitable area and power usage vary depending on different manufacturers' light sources, optical design, structural design, and luminous efficiency. Generally, 300mm*300mm is suitable for rooms of about 3-8 square meters with a power of around 10w. While 300mm*600mm is suitable for rooms of about 6-12 square meters with a power of around 18W. There are other sizes like 300mm*1200mm, 600mm*600mm, 600mm*1200mm, etc. Custom panel LED lamp are also available, but it may require a minimum order quantity.

Optical Performance of Panel LED Lamp

The comprehensive technical indexes include:

Regarding the light performance, it includes the spectral characteristics, chromaticity, luminosity, peak wavelength, spectral bandwidth, axial luminous intensity, color temperature, color rendering index, luminous flux, radiant flux, luminous efficacy, color coordinate, color purity, main wavelength, color rendering index, illumination, and luminance. Among these, color temperature, color rendering index, illumination, and luminance are the most important ones for panel LED lamp used for daily illumination.

Color Temperature of Panel LED Lamp

Panel lights are usually instalLED in places that require high brightness, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and office. Typically, cold light with a color temperature above 5000k is chosen. However, panel LED lamp with color temperatures from low to high are available to choose according to personal preferences.

Brightness of Panel LED Lamp

The brightness of panel LED lamp usually depends on the power and luminous flux. The larger the power and luminous flux, the brighter the panel light, provided that the light-emitting area is the same.

According to the light-emitting characteristics, there are two types of panel LED lamp:

One is the backlit panel light, which uses a diffusion plate and related optical design to diffuse light. They are generally thick, with uniform light and high brightness.

The other is the edge-lit panel light, which uses a light guide plate to achieve uniform light output. They are thinner, with lower brightness, and have higher processing requirements.

Heat Dissipation Performance and Structural Design of Panel LED Lamp

As LED is a heat-sensitive semiconducting light source, the heat dissipation performance of the panel light is crucial for maintaining the temperature of the PN junction and preventing light decay.

Generally, high-quality panel LED lamp consider both heat dissipation structures from chip packaging to light fixtures and appearance structures. They use exclusive materials such as high thermal conductive and long-life chip bonding glue, ultra-low thermal resistance materials, and control the overall thermal resistance to achieve a relatively low working temperature. Using excellent heat dissipation structures and materials is essential, as poor heat dissipation performance can seriously affect the light output, light decay, and the overall lifespan of the panel light.

Electrical Performance of Panel LED Lamp

Power Supply Performance

Constant-current is commonly used for panel LED lamp. The higher the efficiency, the better. The output current stability of the power supply should be as high as possible, which means that the ripple current should be as small as possible. The power factor of the power supply should be as high as possible, which indicates that the impact of the power supply is small. The higher the power supply efficiency, the better, which means that the power supply conversion efficiency is high and energy-saving.

Power Consumption

It can be chosen based on the room size, size of the lamp, brightness needs. Generally speaking, the power of panel LED lamp is closely related to their size.

Material of Panel LED Lamp


Choosing a high-strength frame for panel LED lamp can make the fixture more durable. Common materials include aluminum alloys, PC, and steel.

Diffusion Plate

The function of the diffusion plate is to evenly scatter light. It is necessary to choose materials with good transmittance, such as acrylic, PC, PS, etc. Generally, the transmittance of acrylic can reach 92%, but the anti-aging effect is slightly worse, so it is up to personal preferences.

Light Guide Plate

The function of the light guide plate is to reflect and guide light, which directly affects the light efficiency and light decay of the entire lamp.

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