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Analysis and Composition of Structural Charactertics of Panel Led Lamp

What Is Panel LED Lamp?

Panel LED lamp, also known as flat panel LED lamp or recessed troffer light, is commonly used in household spaces such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, hallway, etc. It is also widely used in offices, shopping malls, and other commercial spaces.

The principle of panel LED lamp is that LED was originally used as the backlight for display screens and gradually developed into a dedicated lighting fixture. The initial panel LED lamp used the principle of LED backlight, with the LED light source at the back and the light passing through the diffuser plate directly projected downwards, known as the direct down panel LED lamp.

Some panel LED lamps use the principle of side-emitting light guide, with the LED light source around the lamp, and the light passing through the light guide plate and the reflector forming a front projection effect, also known as side-emitting panel LED lamp.

The common light sources for panel LED lamp include LED and fluorescent tubes, with LED being the most commonly used nowadays.

What Are the Structural Features of Panel LED Lamp?

Shape and Size

Panel LED lamps come in various shapes such as round, square, rectangular, irregular, etc., with square and rectangular being the most common ones.

The common sizes for panel LED lamp include:

Square: 300cm*300cm, 400cm*400cm, 500cm*500cm, 600cm*600cm;

Rectangular: 300cm*600cm, 300*1200cm, 600*1200cm;

Of course, they can also be customized to any required size.

LED As The Main Light Source

Panel LED lamps that use LED as the light source have the advantages of long lifespan, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, low energy consumption, and environmental protection.

Due to the unique features of panel LED lamp, LED panel LED lamps also have the advantages of large emitting surface, space-saving, uniform lighting, simple appearance, and easy maintenance, making it suitable for lighting in bathrooms, kitchens, offices, etc.

Main Structural Parts of Panel LED Lamp

Aluminum frame, with good heat dissipation performance, good texture, and elegant appearance.

Light source, generally using LED chips, mostly surface-mounted type. The commonly used specifications are 3528 and 5050.

Light guide plate, as LED is a point light source, it requires corresponding optical design and materials such as light guide plates to uniformly guide the light out.

Diffuser plate, made of materials such as acrylic or PC, to uniformly emit the light from the light guide plate.

Reflector, reflects the light from the back of the light guide plate to improve the luminous efficiency.

Other components such as the back cover, mainly for sealing and heat dissipation purposes.

Drive power, commonly used are constant current or constant voltage and current sources. Constant current power supplies have high cost performance, while constant voltage and current sources have stable performance but lower efficiency than constant current sources.

Installation components, such as steel wire, bracket, screw, etc., to facilitate the installation of panel LED lamp. The installation methods include surface mounted, recessed mounted, suspended, and embedded installation.

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