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What Do I Need to Know About Using Solar Lithium Batteries?

1. Consider the use of solar lithium batteries

Perhaps many people think that longer cycle life and usage time is the right solar lithium battery for them, but this is not an absolute argument. If you are going to buy a home lithium battery to increase the utilization of your photovoltaic solar panels, and solar power is your main source of electricity, then you need to buy a longer life lithium battery pack to get close to off-grid living; instead, if You only need to use the solar lithium battery as a home uninterruptible power supply, it can only be used in special circumstances such as large-scale power outages in the power grid, or serious natural disasters, if this is your case, you can bet a cycle with less and it will be cheaper.

2. Understand the service life of solar lithium battery

Battery efficiency: During the process of converting and storing energy in solar lithium batteries, a series of useful energy losses occur as the device charges and discharges. The lower the losses, the more efficient the battery is. Lithium batteries typically have efficiencies between 90% and 97%, reducing the loss percentage to between 10% and 3%.

Size and weight: Although the weight and volume of lithium batteries are much smaller than that of lead-acid batteries, you also need to give them enough installation space, especially the larger the capacity, the larger the size and weight of the front, which requires you to consider the choice Which battery to install, choose a stacked battery pack, or choose a wall-mounted installation, of course, you can also choose a storage cabinet with battery packs in series.

Lithium battery life: Lithium batteries, especially lithium iron phosphate batteries, have a long service life. Battery life is measured in three-phase cycles: discharge, charge, and standby. Therefore, the more cycles a battery provides, the longer its lifespan. But now more and more battery manufacturers will falsely advertise their cycle life, causing consumers to make wrong choices, so try to get their solar lithium battery cycle life test chart in order to more accurately judge the real life of the battery.

Home solar lithium batteries can be classified according to voltage, so we distinguish between low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) batteries. High voltage batteries ensure higher conversion efficiency and increase your grid independence, providing greater flexibility to meet your current or future energy needs with a wider voltage range and three-phase connection. Low-voltage systems have higher amperage than high-voltage battery systems, and because of the lower voltage, these systems tend to be safer to use and easier to scale.

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