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Key Performance Parameters of The LED Panel Light

1. Light performance of the LED panel light

The optical performance of the LED panel light is mainly related to the performance requirements of luminosity, spectrum and chromaticity.

According to the latest industry standard "Semiconductor Light-Emitting Diode Test Method", there are main parameters such as luminous peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity angle, luminous flux, radiant flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color purity, dominant wavelength and color rendering index.

Color temperature, color rendering index and illuminance are particularly important for white LEDs that are commonly used in LED panel light, because they are important indicators of lighting atmosphere and effect. However, color purity and dominant wavelength are generally not required.

2. Thermal performance of LED panel light

The luminous efficiency and power supply of the LED panel light for lighting is one of the keys to the LED industry. At the same time, the PN junction temperature of the LED and the heat dissipation of the shell are particularly important. The greater the difference between the PN junction temperature and the lamp body temperature, the greater the thermal resistance. Then, the light energy is converted into heat energy and consumed. In severe cases, the LED panel light will be damaged.

3. Electrical performance of LED panel light

The PN junction characteristics of the LED panel light determine the different electrical characteristics of LED in lighting applications from traditional light sources, such as unidirectional nonlinear conductivity, low-voltage driving and electrostatic sensitivity. Currently, the main measurement parameters include forward drive current, forward voltage drop, reverse leakage current, reverse breakdown voltage and electrostatic sensitivity, etc.

4. Radiation safety of LED panel light

At present, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) equates LED products with semiconductor lasers for radiation safety testing and demonstration. LED is a light-emitting device with a narrow beam and high brightness. Therefore, considering the potential harm of its radiation to human retinas, international standards specify the limit requirements of effective radiation and test methods for LEDs used on different occasions. Currently, in the European Union and the United States, the radiation safety of the lighting products LED panel light is implemented as a mandatory safety requirement.

5. Reliability and service life of LED panel light

The reliability index is a measure of the ability of the LED panel light to work normally in various environments. The service life is a quality index for evaluating the useful life of the LED panel light, which is usually expressed as effective life or end life. In lighting applications, the effective life refers to the duration when the luminous flux of the LED decays to a specified percentage of the initial value under rated power conditions.

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