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How to Choose LED Light Bulbs?

1. According to the lamp beads of LED light bulbs

Lamp beads are the core components of LED light bulbs. Different models and qualities of lamp beads have different luminous efficiency and luminous angles. Currently, most of the bulbs on the market are monocrystalline lamp beads, which means there is only one crystal. Double crystal lamp beads are more efficient than single crystal lamp beads, and they have a longer service life. In addition, the number of double crystal lamp beads is less than that of single crystal beads, which is more beneficial to the optimization of the lamp body size.

Therefore, you can consult a shopping guide if you want to purchase LED light bulbs. It is better to choose double crystal lamp beads because they have long service life with higher luminous efficiency and a higher luminous angle, and they have more wide application occasions.

2. According to the brightness of LED light bulbs

For purchasing LED light bulbs, many consumers mistakenly believe that the higher the brightness, the better the bulbs. In fact, it is a big misunderstanding when purchasing LED light bulbs. Overbright light is like the dazzling sunlight at noon, which will not only easily damage eyesight, but also affects physical and mental health. It is especially easy to cause children's withdrawn and irritable personalities.

Therefore, when choosing LED light bulbs, it is necessary to combine the lighting environment and refer to the luminous flux index of the product. It is also possible to pay attention to the brightness of the light, and try to choose lights with sufficient brightness but not dazzling.

3. According to the color rendering index of LED light bulbs

Color rendering index refers to looking at the degree of truth of objectives’ color under the light. Objectives with a high degree are good. Colored objectives can be used for experimenting with LED light bulbs. However, from a more professional perspective, you can purchase based on the color rendering index. In general, lamps with an 80 or higher color rendering index are great. The higher the color rendering index, the higher the degree of restoration of objectives under the light.

4. According to the heat dissipation material of the LED light bulbs

As LED light bulbs will generate heat during the lighting process, the bulbs must have a good heat dissipation performance. The heat dissipation material of the bulb should be ceramic, followed by plastic aluminum and plastic. Bulbs made of ceramic material can be chosen, and try not to consider plastic materials to reduce the probability of danger.

5. According to the bulb shell of the LED light bulbs

The bulb shell is also the lampshade of the bulb, this part of the material greatly affects the light transmittance, glare, and lighting effects of the lamp. Currently, the LED bulb shells on the market are generally made of PC and glass. Glass has better light transmittance and better uniform light shape, which can reduce glare and light spots. However, it is more fragile.

Due to the continuous development of science and technology, there are many smart products. They are constantly integrated with our lives and are deeply loved by everyone because we can enjoy life better. Therefore, light bulbs are indispensable in our life. There are many light bulb products, we have to know some skills to avoid troubles when we purchasing LED light bulbs.

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