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Maintenance of Solar Panel Battery

If you have installed solar panel batteries at your home, it is essential to know how to maintain them properly. Neglecting solar panel battery maintenance can lead to a decrease in efficiency and performance and even result in the voiding of your warranty. The good news is that solar panel batteries from panel light suppliers require minimal maintenance and can take care of themselves most of the time. If you have installed them on the roof, it is safer to hire professionals for periodic checks. If you plan to do it yourself, ensure that you use appropriate safety equipment.

Solar panel battery maintenance requires recording solar energy production

The rated power of your solar panel batteries represents their optimum performance in sunny summer conditions. The amount of energy that solar panel batteries generate is often less than this. Hence, the only way to know if the performance is declining is to measure how it has changed over time. Start by measuring the performance once a week or once a month at noon. Keep doing this for a year. Note the lowest and highest performance and conditions. Then record the average. You will now know the typical performance for the next few years. Ideally, use a user-friendly interface to display and store this information. It will be easy to record specific trends and make corresponding plans.

Check the manufacturer's solar panel battery maintenance guide

The type and brand of panels can make a significant difference in how companies recommend that you care for their products. Do not rely solely on online suggestions, but check the specific panel's information. Solar powered street light companies should provide the following details: whether you can walk on the panels, how much weight the walkways can bear, which materials or chemicals to use or avoid, and how often to clean the panels. Note that in colder climates, solar panel battery maintenance includes adding insulation to solar trackers in the winter. Insulation prevents them from freezing and cracking in the cold wind.

Check your solar panel batteries monthly

This solar panel battery maintenance step involves checking for any debris or buildup of dirt that may obstruct the sunlight from reaching the cells. Additionally, look for any cracks, debris, or damage to the solar cells. If you have divided the solar panel batteries into two sections, check the seal around the joint. When cleaning the solar panel, you can use a garden hose with a soft nozzle. Do not use any harsh chemicals as they can damage the protective coating and crystals. If your solar panel batteries are not producing as much power as before, it might be time to call in the professionals.

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