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Solar Panels Power an Entire Community, Keeping Lights on During Power Outages

1. Keep the lights on when the solar panel is powered off

What's the use of solar panels during a power outage? If you're installing panels for your home, you're still relying on the utility company to provide electricity when the sun isn't shining. Also, since all the extra power is sent back to the grid, if power goes out in your area, you have no extra resources to fall back on unless you have battery storage. Even when the sun is out, heavy grid demand can cause utility blackouts. With a grid-tied system, you also lose power and automatically shut down in the event of a power outage. When you use solar panels, you can keep the lights on even during a power outage. With solar panels you can even lend a helping hand to your neighbors in the event of an emergency power outage, such as the 2021 blackout in Texas.

2. Solar panels provide energy for entire communities

People often associate solar energy with systems installed in individual homes. But how are solar panels for sale used in community systems? Shared systems provide electricity to households within a designated area. These solar panels are located in or near the community. Rather than being roof mounted, this solar panel is mounted on the ground in an array large enough to serve community homes. Utilities can also build solar panels to supplement their carbon-focused energy supplies. The benefit of a community- and utility-sharing approach is that people without ideal rooftop solar still have access to clean energy.

3. Solar panels power a farm or ranch

Solar power offers farmers and ranchers a new level of independence and reliability. More specifically, the solar energy used by solar panels provides two benefits: stable and reliable energy and a second source of income. Agriculture and ranching are energy-intensive industries, and most people who work in these industries recognize the impact their business has on the environment and, ultimately, their livelihoods. Farmers and ranchers use solar panels to reduce energy consumption, and they can power their entire business with renewable energy. These industries have experienced widespread volatility, making it difficult for many to maintain their businesses. To supplement their income, they are installing solar power on their properties. Solar panels provided by suppliers of solar panels take up only a fraction of the land, provide farmers or ranchers with a reliable secondary income, and help communities reduce carbon emissions.

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