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Top Reasons for Installing Solar Electric Generating System at Homes!

Why are distributed photovoltaic roofs so popular around the world? Let's take a look at the top five reasons for installing the solar electric generating system on the roof at homes.

1. The transformation of the energy structure of the solar electric generating system

Due to the quick development and utilization of fossil energy over the years, a series of difficulties such as resource shortage, environmental pollution, and climate change have been caused. The importance of energy structure reform is becoming increasingly prominent!

Global attention has gradually turned to "green energy", such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and other clean and renewable energy sources. The goal of "clean energy as the mainstay and fossil energy as the supplement" is being achieved step by step. However, green energy such as wind power and hydropower has relatively high requirements for site conditions and natural conditions. Therefore, the solar electric generating system is more suitable for urban development. It can generate electricity with only the roof and sunlight, which is the best choice for home power stations!

2. The solar electric generating system is more economical and profitable

Let's start from the perspective of saving money. Computers, water heaters, air conditioners, range hoods, LCD TVs are standard appliances for households with large power consumption. Photovoltaic power plants allow household electricity use from solar energy, which can greatly reduce electricity expenses.

3. The solar electric generating system improves environmental pollution

With the emergence of extreme weather and the influence of haze and sandstorms in recent years, environmental issues are becoming increasingly important that we cannot ignore! As the main energy for many years, coal power has also brought a lot of damage to the environment. However, a good industrial economy can form an extensive cluster effect.

The corresponding photovoltaics is the same. The solar electric generating system has changed the energy structure for a long time. It has cut off the dominance of coal power and achieved a clean standard of zero-emissions so that the whole planet will not be polluted by various gases and harmful substances. We should pursue and use such advantageous energy!

4. The standard configuration of the roof that uses the solar electric generating system

In the past, people often pursued the style of exquisite structure and complex modeling in the design of family buildings. And people were always blindly pursued the luxurious retro style.  However, as the application of minimalist style and glass windows has become increasingly popular, new home architectural design standards have begun to emerge, such as the innovative roof with the solar electric generating system.

In small towns, buildings are mostly single-family houses with empty surroundings and no obstructions. Therefore, the roof area of the building is used largely. After considering environmental protection and energy-saving, people began to gradually reform the roof design. Large area sloping roofs or flat roofs have begun to replace the multi roof with European style, which provides a basic space for the installation of the solar electric generating system.

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