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Analysis of Installation Methods for Panel LED Lamp

Panel LED lamp installed in a conceaLED manner have the advantage of aesthetic appeal, but may affect brightness to some extent.

Embedded installation is generally used for integrated ceiling installation, which is relatively simple. Simply remove the cover plate and install the lamp with a spring clip.

There is also a traditional ceiling installation method for panel LED lamp, which requires carving out the installation range with a knife and is slightly more complicated.

Exposed installation has the advantage of fully utilizing brightness, but the aesthetic impact may vary among individuals. The common method is suspended installation, which requires the use of suspension wires.

Examine the Workmanship of the Panel LED Lamp

Since many of the internal electrical characteristics of panel LED lamp cannot be intuitively viewed, workmanship reflects product quality to some extent.

Examine the Sealing of the Panel LED Lamp

The design of the panel light shell is simple and has good sealing performance, which can prevent dust from entering and facilitate maintenance and cleaning.

Examine the Waterproof Rating of the Panel LED Lamp

Since panel LED lamp are often used as kitchen and bathroom lights, the environment is relatively humid, and even if used in the dry areas of kitchens and bathrooms, panel LED lamp must have a certain level of waterproofing to be suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Examine the Certification of the Panel LED Lamp

Generally, 3C certification is necessary.

Examine the Brand of the Panel LED Lamp

There are many brands of panel LED lamp, and many common ones are available, so you can choose a brand you are familiar with.

Panel LED lamp have a large emitting surface and are very suitable for illuminating large areas uniformly, such as kitchens, bathrooms, offices, etc. In household use, panel LED lamp are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms as part of integrated ceilings. For example, the integrated ceiling in the kitchen usually has a position for panel LED lamp.

Generally, there are two types of panel light structures, one is side-emitting and the other is direct-down. The side-emitting structure has advantages of a thinner volume and uniform light. The direct-down structure has advantages of larger light flux and brightness.

Of course, paying attention to the quality of the panel light source, power factor, efficiency of the driving power supply, and heat dissipation of the panel light structure is helpful for choosing a good panel light.

As a leader in solar energy and LED lighting, Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd has a deep understanding of customer needs. We apply advanced technology and design to every solution for our lighting products. Welcome to inquire.

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