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LED Street Light Lamp Makes an Environmentally Friendly City

With more advanced lighting technology, street light lamps can serve urban residents better and make cities more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, saving both electricity and money. The new high-efficiency LED street light lamp replaces the high-power diode of the traditional street lamp and reduces the power consumption by 20%. Meanwhile, it has the advantages of better light, lower cost, less carbon dioxide emissions, higher safety, and longer lifespan.

1. Technical challenges of the LED street light lamp

The challenge of LED street light lamp technology is that it is very difficult for a large number of LEDs to be connected in parallel because the failure of a single LED light street lamp will affect the entire system.

The use of series instead of parallel will also have disadvantages because as the number of diodes increases, the required voltage will also increase. Due to the 120V limit of contact voltage stipulated by law, only 40 LEDs can be connected in series at present.

2. Innovation of the LED street light lamp

As a professional LED solar lamp manufacturer, Anern manages to compensate for the failure and aging of a single LED. This method can install a larger number of LEDs. In the prototype design of the LED street light lamp, up to 144 LEDs can be installed on a single panel and can be operated safely. This new method requires a smaller voltage, and the prototype design requires only 20V.

3. Less heat of the LED street light lamp

Furthermore, this type of array generates less heat. In the case of fewer LED street light lamps, the power loss is highly concentrated, and it needs great efforts to disperse it.

The insufficient heat distribution will cause local overheating, which will seriously affect the service life of the lamp. The distribution and reduction of heat require high investment and therefore are expensive. However, when using a new type of LED array, such overhead will be reduced.

4. Good light of the LED street light lamp

Moreover, the luminous characteristics of this LED array are more suitable for human eyes. Many small LEDs look a bit like plate heaters at a certain distance. Compared with high-performance LEDs with point light sources, their dazzling effect will be reduced.

5. Simple method and affordable price of the LED street light lamp

In addition, low-power LEDs are cheaper than high-performance LEDs and are easy to manufacture.

The last key point is that this new type of lighting technology is simple and cheap. Such LED modules can be easily integrated and installed into existing lighting systems.

6. Application value of the LED street light lamp

In the future, cities and citizens will benefit from this new low-power LED system. In many places, old, traditional, and power-consuming lighting systems have been replaced by the technology of LED street light factories.

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