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Office Lighting Applications and Quality Improvement Benefits of LED Panel Lights

The use of LED panel lights in the office can be said to be normal. The office is a place where a specific business is handled or a service is provided. Therefore, the office lighting must be bright and convincing. The following is an office type LED panel lights.

The office area uses LED panel lights to make the work space even light and reduce glare. LED panel lights are used to illuminate the passage area of the collective office to add light to the passage.

As the area with the largest proportion of office space, the collective office covers all functional departments of the company, including computer operation, writing, telephone communication, thinking, work communication, meetings and other office activities. The lighting should be combined with the above office activities, with uniformity and comfort as the design principles, usually using a uniform spacing method of lighting, and combining with the ground function area to use corresponding lighting.

Ⅰ. Lighting classification of LED panel lights

1. Ambient lighting: lighting that affects the tone of the overall light environment;

2. Task lighting: studio lighting, mainly functional lighting (reading, writing);

3. Decorative lighting: LED lighting panel lights of artistic lamps as lighting sources, such as the round led panel light series, have been widely used in many fields, including landscape lighting market, automobile market, traffic light market, special general lighting, safety lighting and special lighting, etc. LED lamps manufacturers, produce and sell all kinds of LED indoor and outdoor LED lamps, products include LED panel lights, LED tubes, fluorescent tubes, LED ceiling lamps and downlights.

Ⅱ. The quality of LED panel lights is improved

In recent years, wholesale panel lights and other lighting have been popular in the international market and have been favored and praised by consumers. It's believed that this is because of its high cost performance and strong practicability. In addition to the main advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, its product appearance is light and thin, with good luminous performance and long serive life, so it has been accepted by the market.

However, progress can only be achieved when there is development. If LED panel lights are to become mainstream lighting fixtures, there are still some areas that need to be improved.

In order to improve reliability, extend service life, and comply with relevant international standards, some improvements can be made to LED panel light products.

In terms of heat dissipation, the traditional way is to add heat sinks. However, the optimized design of the LED panel light is realized with the help of a conical shape design.

First of all, because the cone can form a variety of "ventilation ducts" to help the bulb transfer heat and achieve a heat dissipation effect.

Secondly, the reasonable selection of devices and the elimination of unqualified or early failure products through tests will also help improve product reliability.

In addition, reasonable process improvement can also help to increase the service life of the product. To put it simply, it is necessary to reduce the stress on the device through a standardized and reasonable process flow, thereby strengthening the product performance and improving the durability of the LED panel light.

For the solar panel lights manufacturers themselves, in order to improve reliability, extend product life, and comply with relevant standards, some improvements can be made to LED panel lights. For example, lowering the temperature of the product in use can have an immediate effect on improving the reliability of the product and extending the service life of the product.

In general, improving product reliability can effectively improve the grade of LED panel lights, and produce higher cost performance, and create more economic benefits for enterprises. At the same time, fair and reliable certification of these products will increase the credibility of enterprises and help them enter the European and American markets more smoothly.

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