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The successful combination of double-sided solar cells and solar lighting

Features of double-sided solar panels

Conventional solar panels can only generate electricity from the front, while double-sided solar panels can not only generate electricity on both the front and back sides but also generate more electricity than conventional solar panels. At present, the double-sided photovoltaic modules on the market mainly include single-crystal n-type double-sided photovoltaic modules, single-crystal PERC double-sided photovoltaic modules, and heterojunction (HIT or HJT) double-sided photovoltaic modules. Ordinary PERC batteries can only generate electricity from the front. PERC double-sided batteries replace the opaque aluminum on the back of ordinary PERC batteries with local aluminum grid lines to achieve light transmission on the back of the battery. At the same time, a 2.5mm thick transparent glass backplate is used to make PERC. Double-sided module, so the reflected light from the ground etc. can be absorbed by the module. The conversion efficiency of the monocrystalline PERC bifacial photovoltaic module is 18.31% on the front and 11.90% on the back and the comprehensive conversion efficiency of the module reaches 19.50%.

What are the advantages of using double-sided solar panels for solar street lights?

With the maturity of solar energy technology, the application of solar energy in the field of lighting has become wider and wider. Among them, street lamps are one of the first products that use solar energy for power supply. Because the design of road lighting involves driving safety, the requirements for lighting are much higher than other lighting fields. At present, the solar street lights provided by solar street light manufacturer on the market, due to the pressure of price competition, cannot truly meet the international standards of arterial road lighting in terms of configuration and lighting effects.

In view of the above actual market conditions, after a long period of research and testing, our company officially launched the SL-X series of solar street light.

The SL-X series uses double-glass solar cells to effectively increase the power generation per unit solar panel and can control the area of the solar panel within a safe range without affecting the structural stability of the lamp. At the same time, the size of solar panels can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of different projects.

In addition to achieving excellent lighting effects, the double-glass solar panel street lights will appear more upscale in the overall appearance, becoming a scenic line of the city and meeting the aesthetic requirements of modern urban construction.

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