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Is Lithium Battery Good for Solar?

What are lithium solar batteries?

Lithium battery is a new type of rechargeable battery with high energy density, high capacity, lightweight, and no pollution to the environment, which is widely used in solar lighting and solar energy storage systems.

Benefits of lithium solar batteries

Small size, lightweight, easy installation

Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are only one-third of the weight and two-thirds of the volume of lead-acid batteries with the same capacity, truly smaller and lighter, which not only reduces the cost of transportation but also makes the process of system installation convenient.

Long service life

The cycle life of solar lithium batteries can exceed 5000 times, no memory effect can be used in deep cycles, more than 4 times than the lead-acid battery, and the use of the process does not require professional maintenance.

Safe and reliable

Compared to other materials of lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries have a high safety level and good high-temperature resistance and are the battery of choice for solar lighting and solar energy storage systems.

Environmentally friendly and pollution-free

The entire battery production process, the use of the battery process, and the disposal of waste batteries are no harmful substances produced, and no pollution to the environment, in line with the strict environmental requirements of North America, and Europe.

Is lithium battery good for solar?

Lithium battery has the characteristics of a large energy density ratio, lightweight, long service life, and high safety, gradually replacing the traditional lead-acid batteries in the field of solar energy and becoming the mainstream solar energy storage battery.

Which lithium-ion battery is best for solar?

Lithium batteries in the field of solar energy applications have been a mainstream trend, in the face of a wide variety of lithium batteries on the market similar, choosing the most suitable battery, for the solar system is critical; here we recommend the use of lithium iron phosphate as the main energy storage battery for solar energy systems, mainly for the following reasons.

Higher energy density

lithium iron phosphate batteries can currently do more than 180WH/KG, with the progress of technology, the future will be able to do 190-200WH/KG.

Good safety performance

Lithium iron phosphate cathode material electrochemical properties are relatively stable, which determines that it has a smooth charge and discharge platform, so the battery structure will not change during the charge and discharge process, will not burn and explode, and even in the short circuit, overcharge, extrusion, pinprick, and other special conditions, is still very safe.

Long cycle life

1C cycle life of lithium iron phosphate batteries generally reaches 2000 times, or even reach more than 3500 times, and the energy storage market requires more than 4000-5000 times to ensure a life of 8-10 years, higher than the cycle life of ternary batteries more than 1000 times, while the cycle life of long-life lead-acid batteries in about 300 times.

All of the above features are well suited to meet the power requirements of solar energy systems.

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