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Solar Street Light Installation

The Preparation for Solar Street Light Installation

Before installing solar street lights, there are several preparations that need to be made:

Site assessment: A site assessment should be conducted to determine the ideal location for the solar street lights. The site should receive maximum sunlight during the day to ensure that the solar panels can produce enough energy to power the lights at night.

Design and planning: The design and layout of the solar street lights should be planned in advance, including the number and spacing of the light poles, the height of the poles, and the wattage of the LED bulbs.

Obtain necessary permits: It is important to obtain all the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities before installing solar streetlights. This may include permits for construction, electrical work, and land use.

Go through the solar street light installation manual: this allows you to familiarize yourself with the circuit diagram, installation procedures, as well as safety measures you need to consider before starting the installation process.

Get a complete solar street light kit: the kit should have a controller, battery box and battery, lamp pole, solar panel, light fixture, access panel, solar bracket (kickstand) and basis cage.

Solar Street Light Installation Process

The installation process for solar lights typically involves the following steps:

Pour the foundation

1. Confirm the installation position of the solar LED streetlight: According to the construction drawings and the geological situation of the survey site, in the place where there is no shading on the top of the streetlamp, determine the installation position of the pole with a spacing of 20-60 meters as the reference value; otherwise, the pole installation position should be adjusted appropriately.

2. Dig the pole foundation pit: At the determined pole installation position, excavate the pole foundation pit according to the height and width of the ground cage, and the foundation pit should be slightly wider than the width of the ground cage. If the surface soil is soft, the depth of the excavation should be deepened, and other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.) at the excavation location should be confirmed and protected.

3. Pour the foundation anchor bolts cage of the pole: In the excavated foundation pit, place the foundation anchor bolts cage in the pit and keep the screw of the cage exposed to the ground level. Then use concrete to cast and fix the embedded parts. During the pouring process, stir and be evenly balanced to ensure the compactness and firmness of the entire embedded part.

Installation of solar street light components

1. Thread the cable of the Anern solar street light through the center hole of the support arm, pass it out from the top of the pole, and then fix the solar LED streetlight on the pole support arm with screws.

2. Fix the solar panel on the bracket with screws. After adjusting the light angle, fix the bracket on the top of the pole with screws.

Fix the pole on the foundation anchor bolts

1. Clean up the residue on the foundation

2. Erect the pole, and fix the baseplate on the four anchor bolts incorrect position. If the condition allows, it is recommended to use a crane. Tighten the screws of the anchor bolts and make sure the pole of the street solar led lights is fixed with the anchor bolts firmly.

Solar Street Light Installation Cost

The cost of installing solar street lights can vary depending on several factors, including the number of lights, the wattage of the LED bulbs, the size of the solar panels and battery, and the cost of labor and materials in the local area.

In general, solar light tend to have a higher upfront cost than traditional street lights, as they require the purchase of solar panels and batteries in addition to the light fixtures and poles. However, solar street lights can offer long-term cost savings by eliminating the need for electricity from the grid and reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Anern solar street lights can provide a cost-effective solution for lighting in remote or off-grid areas where access to the grid is limited or nonexistent.

Overall, the cost of solar street light installation can vary widely depending on the specific project requirements and local market conditions. However, solar street lights can provide a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution for outdoor areas while reducing dependence on fossil fuels and the grid.

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