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Perfect Solar Parking Lot Light Project in South America

Project Name: 120W All-in-one Solar Panel Parking Lot Lights Project in South America

Date : May 2021

Project Type:  Solar Parking Lot Lights Project

Project Site: South America

Quantity and specific configuration: 153 sets of 120W AN-SLA all in one solar street light with camera

Description:  Anern all in one solar street light illuminated the parking lot in front of Porsche centre in South America.The person in charge said everyone was impressed by the lighting effect and no need to endure flickers anymore.

This solar LED parking lot lights project is an alternative to traditional lighting for a parking lot located in the suburbs of South America. Since the lighting of the parking lot had been used for a long time, the old solar parking lights all have various failures, ranging from not lighting up to even causing a fire. So the purchasing manager find Anern, hoping that Anern can provide a reasonable and high brightness solar parking lot lighting solution. According to the customer's requirements, Anern Solar, as a professional all in one solar street light manufacturer, provided him with our 120W outdoor solar lights for parking lots with a customized intelligent control system. Our AN-SLA series integrates an adjustable structure of LED modules. It means our LED modules can be adjusted at different angles according to different solar parking lot lighting requirements, which greatly improves the applicability of the solar parking lot lights. At the same time, these commercial solar LED parking lot lights also hold built-in BMS (Battery Management System) to protect the battery from over-charge and over-discharge, safe and stable operation to meet the lighting needs of parking lots and prolong the lifespan of the solar lights. 

Solar Parking Lot Lights Commercial Solar Parking Lot Lights

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