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What Are the Benefits of Solar Street Lights Compared with Traditional Street Lights

There are more and more solar street lights installed around the world, and it is gradually becoming a way to light the street at night. Therefore, how solar street light works? Why are solar street lights used more currently? What are the benefits of solar street lights?

1. How solar street light works

Solar street lights can be divided into off-grid types and grid-connected types. Off-grid solar street lights do not use electricity from the grid and generate self-sustained electricity on each pole. In this way, the entire life cycle of the system has zero electricity. The grid-connected solar street lighting system supplies power from solar panels to the grid during the day, and then uses the grid power at night. The size of these systems is usually suitable for NET zero system design, which means that they generate enough power during the day to offset the power consumption of night lighting. The two system designs of solar street lights are designed to take into account multiple aspects of the project such as available sun, required lighting level, spacing, light power and backup power (off-grid only).

2. Solar street lights have more benefits

In general, a 250-400 watt metal halide light is used in traditional street lights. However, spacing, brightness and power consumption are not taken into account.

With the development of technology and awareness of climate change and energy saving, people are becoming more aware of the benefits of different types of solar lights.

Traditional street lights are slowly being replaced with LED lights. These LEDs usually supply power between 20 to 50 watts and emit the same level of light as traditional high-power lights. Solar street lights have the advantages of less replacement and maintenance, good light level, high visibility, and high electrical efficiency. In addition, with the new LED technology, optics can be used to provide task-specific lighting on the ground instead of old-fashioned refractors that only emit light in all directions.

Finally, it is beneficial to determine the best solution by understanding the benefits of solar street lights as well as the cost difference between them and traditional electric lights. The use of LED lights in all newly installed equipment can ensure the best lighting levels while consuming the lowest power consumption. This technology has made significant progress in the past few decades.

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