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What Are the Reasons for the Damage of LED Panel Lights?

LED panel light has been more and more used in people's life because of its many advantages. It can not only be used as a daily lighting tool, but also as an ornament to add special meaning to the building.

LED panel lamps boasts of characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and its life is much longer than ordinary lighting lamps, but in the process of daily use, LED panel lamps will still be damaged. So why LED panel lights will be damaged in process of using? The main reason is that many consumers do not consider the application features of LED panel lights and not protect them well. Let me analyze the reasons of the damage of LED panel lights for you as below:

1. Some LED panel lamp is damaged because of its own quality reasons, thus formed a short circuit, and its original voltage drop is transferred to other LED.

2. Power supply voltage of LED panel lamp increases suddenly. There are many reasons for the sudden increase of the power supply voltage, such as the quality of the power supply, or the improper use of the user and other reasons might all make the power supply voltage increase all of a sudden.

3. LED panel lights in the circuit of a component or printed lines or other wire short circuit and the formation of local LED power supply path short circuit may also cause voltage increase in this place.

4. Water permeates through internal part of LED panel lights, and water is conductive, which will cause the damages as well.

5. LED panel lights did not do a good job of anti-static work in the assembly, so that the internal LED panel lights have been damaged by static electricity. Although the normal voltage and current value are applied, it is also easy to cause damage to LED.

6. Temperature of LED panel lamp is too high, so the characteristics of ETD is deteriorated.

The above-mentioned several reasons will cause the LED panel lamp current rise greatly, then LED chip will be burned because of overheating. After LED panel lamp is burned, in most situation we will see bipolar short circuit, a small part of the short circuit.

Therefore, when we use LED panel lights and other lighting fixtures, we have to pay attention to the protection work, please take note not to switch the lamps and lanterns when the voltage is unstable.

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