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20KW Solar Power System Project For Restaurant In Indonesia

Project Name: 20KW Commercial Solar Power System Project for Restaurant in Indonesia

Project Time: July 2020

Project Type: Commercial Solar Power System Project

Installation Site: Indonesia

Power and Specific Configuration: 20KW solar off-grid system

Description: The project is to provide commercial solar energy for a local restaurant in Indonesia. The client runs a restaurant locally and hopes that we can customize a solar panel system for his restaurant. Based on the restaurant design drawings provided by the client, as well as the daily electricity consumption and the electrical appliances used in the restaurant, we provide customers with a 20kw off grid solar system at a great price. Commercial solar panel systems are installed on the roof of the restaurant, and the original engine room of the restaurant is transformed into a place for storing system components. Presently, the 20kw solar panel system can meet nearly 80% of the electricity consumption of the restaurant. And the customer is really satisfied with Anern commercial solar power system. Welcome to get 20kw off-grid solar system price.

commercial solar panels solar system for commercial use

20 kw solar panel /power system

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