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8KW Solar Off-Grid Sloped Roof System In French Polynesia

Project Name: 8kw solar off-grid sloped roof system in French Polynesia

Project Time: Sept 2017

Project Type: Residential solar power supply system project

Installation Site: French Polynesia

Project Specific Configuration: 8kw solar off grid home electric system

Description: This solar power system project is located in a private house on the island of French Polynesia. Frequent power outages occur in the local night. In order to solve this problem, the customer learned that the solar power system can be applied in the area, and the local climatic conditions are also suitable for solar panel power generation. Therefore, he wants us to customize an off-grid solar power system for his home use. Through the analysis of the customer's house structure and budget, our company provides him with an 8kw off-grid solar power generation system, which completely solves the problem of no electricity available at night. The customer thinks highly of our off-grid home electric system.

8kw off grid solar system solar off grid system

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