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Industrial Solar Lighting Solution in Costa Rica

Project Name: Industrial Solar Street Lighting Solution in Costa Rica 

Date: Sep 2018

Project type: Industrial Solar Parking Lot Lighting Project

Project Site: Costa Rica

Quantity and specific configuration: 58pcs 40W and 96pcs 100W Industrial Solar Street Lights with 8-meter poles.

Description: This lighting project is located in an industrial zone in Costa Rica. Since it is the design for the lighting of the entire park, we provide the client with different models for different areas, which can not only meet the illumination requirements but also meet their budget. The Anern Solar AN-ISSL-A series solar street light is an integrated solar lighting product independently developed by our company (currently replaced by the upgraded AN-SLA series). It has both low-power lighting for parks and high-power lighting for high poles.

Industrial Solar Lighting Solution in Costa Rica Industrial Solar Lighting Solution in Costa Rica1

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