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LED Flood Light Tunnel Project in Venezuela

Project Name: Led Flood Light Tunnel Project in Venezuela

Date: June 2019

Project Type: Led Flood Light Project

Project Site: Venezuela

Quantity and Specific Configuration:  2,000pcs AN-TGD03 led flood light 

Description: The project is to provide lighting solutions for a 1km tunnel in Venezuela. When it comes to tunnel lighting designing, it is necessary to determine the lighting standard for inner areas of the tunnel according to the length of the tunnel; and set up different standard tunnel lights according to the length order and the brightness of each area of the tunnel. As per customers' request, our company offered LED floodlights of AN-TGD03 series for tunnel lights.

The AN-TGD03 series flood lights are PC material with high UV and impact resistance, multi beam angle options, high transparency and high efficiency. Meanwhile use high thickness bracket, double security support to with standard high wind speed, 300° Rotating to suit for multiply application purposes. By rotating each LED module, a certain area can be illuminated more accurately, making full use of the LED light source without causing waste. As a leading flood light led supplier, Anern Solar designed the brightness and luminous angles used in different road sections to meet the international tunnel lighting standards.


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